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My Hero .
My hero’s real Name is Marcos Archer, but he goes by his Rapper Name Phora. The reason

why he is my hero varies, but mainly it was because he helped go through several situations.

These situations were involved in my family and out in the streets, which was hard to get out

of but eventually he helped me to learn how to understand a lot of things and to make the best

out of it and do better. It meant a lot at the time because not one single person in my family

couldn’t get to me, or couldn’t try and talk to me to try and refocus my mind in what matter

most, my life.

Phora is was born on October 13, 1994 in Anaheim,CA. He Grew up with a little sister, Mary.

His dad had left them when he was 3 years old, his mom, sister and himself grew up in the

streets of Anaheim, CA. As a kid he like to play sports like basketball and football, until he hurt

his ankle. He was injured for a while and couldn’t play sports. After his injury he started Escobar 2

to sing and rap, it was a constant thing. After about 2 years he finally decided that he wanted to

work in the music industry. At that point he had started to work and play with instruments and

dj-ing equipment. He had been selling little demos at his middle school and thats when his

music career got serious. When it came to friends he only had 2, real names Anthony Ramos (aka

Anthro Beats) and Freddy J. (aka Self-Provoked). Till this day they are all still close, and help each

other with their music lives. They’ve been friends since middle school years. He attended Orangeview

Middle School and later went to Magnolia High School; eventually he dropped out to pursue his music


Some of his achievements involve being in music and school related things. He won not that long ago, a

chance to open up for Kendrick Lamar, at one of his concerts. This was back in January of this year; A

nomination on BET, nominating for best...
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