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DATE: 27/10/2011


In this report we have analysed the results of National Passenger Survey. The research gives us vital information about our customers’ opinions on our services.

From the analysis it could be seen that the recent priority issues are the lack of employees in direct service areas, parking place problems and physical conditions of our assets. Nearly 5 in 10 of our customers are not happy about the availability of our staff. Almost half of our customers are declaring that they have problems about finding a parking place. Approximately %50 of our customers is thinking that our facilities and services are insufficient. Slightly fewer than %40 of our customers is not satisfied from the physical conditions of our trains and stations.

The research showed that considerable percent of our customers are dissatisfied with these segments; facilities and services, availability of staff and car parking facilities. The second important issue is the physical conditions of our assets. There are several important factors which could have affected to the results; the problems on our new routes and the percentage of customers who were replied the survey (%35). It is important that the satisfaction level in peak times is slightly fewer than the off-peak times. The research also showed that our strategies on customer satisfaction were not so efficient last year. We still need to make improvement on our projects.

It is recommended that;

* Recruit more employees
* Make agreements with local car parking companies
* Create budget for restoration of buildings (stations and platforms) * Focus more on peak time services

1. Introduction

We have recently received the results of National Passenger Survey (Spring 2011) which has been applied by the independent research company ‘Passenger Focus’. The research gives us vital information about our customers’ opinions on our services.

This report is based on the content of the research. Our task is to analyze the entire situation and to create recommendations for the improvement of customer services. In this report we have compared the results of the years 2010 and 2011. Furthermore, we also analyzed the general level of customer satisfaction for the last two years. Categories we have focussed were before-after journey transport facilities, in and out train services, approach of our staff and the physical conditions of our trains, platforms and stations.

Information about the survey;

* Fieldwork times: 31st January 2011 and 15th April 2011. * Applied at 100 stations to customers about to board a train. * 35% of questionnaires were returned. (Checked to confirm that details provided were for a real journey) * Sample size: 2319.

* Attributes are rated as:
* satisfied or good
* neither/nor
* dissatisfied or poor.

Results split into two time periods; peak and off-peak. Peak is defined as weekday journeys that arrive at London terminals between 07:00 and 09:59, and those departing between 16:00 and 18:59.

2. Findings and Analysis

2.1 In and out train services

Almost %70 of our customers is satisfied with our ticket buying facilities in present. Satisfaction of peak-time customers increased markedly since last year. There is no significant change on the number of our customers’ thinking positive about the provision of information about train times/platforms. It is around %82 in present. The satisfaction of our off-peak customers’ from facilities and services is increased from %43 to %50. The general level of pleasure is approximately %50 in last two years. There is no important change on our customers’ opinions on personal security. It is approx. %65 in present.

2.2 Staff behaviour

The percentage of satisfied customers from the general...

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