Report Writing Introduction

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Report Writing: Introduction
• To understand the importance of reports in organisational communication • To learn about the various types of reports
• To gain a brief overview of the report writing process Reports are a principal means by which members of an organisation communicate with each other about a variety of job-related matters.  Reports usually go up the organisational hierarchy and recipients use them to make decisions.  These reports are sometimes the source of information that becomes part of a new report that is sent on to higher management.  They are the flow of information that often functions as the basis for decision making and problem-solving.  A business report can be defined as an orderly and objective communication of factual information that serves some business purpose.  A business report is orderly in that it is organized in a logical and coherent manner, and it is objective in that the research and presentation of facts is done in an unbiased manner.    1.         Types of Reports 

Reports vary in type, format, length and formality depending on the purpose and reader(s).  They may be informational in that they only present information (data); or, they may be analytical in that they not only present information, but also analyse the data, draw conclusions and make recommendations.  They may be progress, periodic or special reports.  Progress reports present the current status of a project being undertaken, e.g. - a long-term construction project.  Periodic reports are prepared at regular set time periods, e.g. - monthly sales figures.  Special reports, on the other hand, are prepared one-time only, usually to investigate a specific problem, e.g. - a purchasing decision.    Reports can take the form of a memorandum, letter, or manuscript.  Reports in memo form, for use within the organization, are typically short and informal.  Reports in letter form, sent to readers outside the organization, are also...
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