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Topics: Lathe, Machining, Milling machine Pages: 3 (527 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Bharath University
Bharath Institute of Science and Technology
(Declared Under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)
Selaiyur, Chennai-73

Department: Mechanical Engineering Year: II Semester: III

Subject Code: BME305

Subject Name: Production Technology

Unit – I
Marks: 2
1) Differentiate Hot & Cold working process
2) What is Extrusion
3) Types of hot and cold working processes.
4) Name any four casting defects
5) Types of casting, and types of furnaces.

Marks: 12
1) Explain brief in the gas welding processes with the suitable sketch.
2) Explain in detail Arc welding processes and write down the merits & demerits with sketch.
3) what is Permanent mould casting ? Write down its advantages, disadvantages,applications and its operations
4) (i) Draw and explain the cupola furnace.
(ii) Draw and explain the pit furnace.

Unit – II
Marks: 2
1) What is chip and its formation.
2) Write the distinguish between orthogonal cutting process and oblique cutting process
3) What are the functions of a cutting fluid?
4) Explain the merchant circle.
5) Write down the types of cutting fluid.

Marks: 12

1) draw Merchants cutting force circle in orthogonal cutting and explain various forces involved in it ?
2) Explain brief what are the procedure in metal cutting economics.
3) Explain brief the nomenclature of the single point cutting tool.
4) a) Write a short note on cutting speed
b) Briefly explain the economics of machining

Unit – III
Marks: 2
1) Types of lathe.
2) What are the operations performed in Capstan and Turret lathe?
3) Which mechanism used to make a thread cutting operation.
4) Write down the various operations in lathe machine.
5) Write down the types of tool post.

Marks: 12
1) Draw the general view of Centre lathe and show its various mechanisms and features.
2) Draw and explain the taper turning...
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