Report to World Music Ensemble

Topics: Music, Guqin, Poetry Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: September 19, 2014
It was the first concert I had since I have been to Kent. This concert is called World Music Ensemble, which is include some Thai music, Chinese Guqin music, traditional Irish music, and music from Africa. I felt really excited because this concert include many types of music. There were two programs attract me deeply. First of all, Yangguang Sandie with Chinese Guqin drew my attention. There are some reasons, maybe the biggest reasons is I can understand the lyric. The lyric is changed from an ancient poem of Wei Wang. As I know Wang, whose nickname was Poet Buddha, was a Tang Dynasty Chinese poet. This poem is talking about Wang send off a friend, who has been appointed envoy to the west lands. The early morning shower in Wei city has kept down dust, and the guesthouse looks trim and the willows fresh and green. Wang urged his friend to have one more drink for the road, because out west, beyond Fort Yangguan, his friend has no one to turn to. Another reason is this program made me a little sad because I remember when I left China, I said goodbye to my parents and friends at the airport. The music is played by Guqin, Guqin is also known as an elegant instrument in China. The rhythm accord with the lyric, made me feel homesick. Another program attracted me a lot is the Palm Wine Guitar. I had a particular complex when I was a child. Every time when I heard the sound of guitar, I feel extreme peace and smooth in my emotion, for me, I call that magic sound. The deep voice of human, and the light sound of the guitar, made me feel unbelievable. Moreover, I also enjoyed the dance which was amazing and energetic. People whatever their nationalities were all can feel the passion. With the drum beat, we could not help our selves to move our bodies. The bright, swirling dresses add to the spectacle, and elicit cries of encouragement from the spectators. Then performers and audiences chorused, the lyric was founded in the programs guide, it was easy to sing and catch. The...
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