Report: Teens Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Topics: Hand sanitizer, Alcoholic beverage, Poison Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: May 4, 2013
Getting down and Dirty
Did you know you could be carrying a killer product around with you in your purse? How serious is the problem of underage drinking? Teenagers getting their little sticky fingers on alcohol by any means necessary are a major society issue. Hand sanitizer is the latest trend going around that is used to induce intoxication. Did you know 1 squirt of hand sanitizer is equivalent to drinking 10 shots of hard liquor? Hand sanitizer should be taken off the shelves.

A Taste
Hand sanitizer does not have the best taste and teenagers know that. This is a problem for consumption. Teenagers are looking at different brands to target the best tasting one for easy drinking. They are mixing hand sanitizer with different products to make it taste better such as: sugars, drinks, fruit, and beer salt. All those things added to it will dilute the product so they might have to drink more of that substance. Toxicity

Teenagers do not understand the dangers and consequences of their actions when drinking hand sanitizer. Nothing good can ever come from doing the opposite of what the warning labels tell you. Not knowing about toxicity is as bad as knowing what it is and what it can do to your body. Toxicity is the same as alcohol poisoning. This happens when a person drinks a lot of alcohol so much until it gets to a point where your liver cannot process all that alcohol at one time. This causes your alcohol level to rise to dangerous level at .35 that’s considered very dangerous and you should seek medical attention immediately. Did you know that some hand sanitizers are 70 % alcohol which is 140 proof?

Warning label
There is a reason those bottles of hand sanitizer come with warning labels. One example states “For external use only flammable. Keep away from heat and flame. When using this product keep out of eyes. In case of contact with eyes flush thoroughly with water do not inhale or ingest avoid contact with broken skin”. One thing I...
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