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This report reviewed the organisations risk management system to identify the obstacles between what the organisation has in place as to what it needs to achieve its OHS objectives. The report after evaluating existing practices and needs highlight the differences between these two positions, extrapolating the details needed to build and maintain an appropriate risk management system RMS that includes a systematic risk management process. The observation and reviewing process of the organisation gave impetus to highlight the components of the risk management process including Risk management principles

Obstacles to implementation of Principles
Education, training and retraining
Risk identification tools
RMS benefits
Findings: There were a number of OHS risk management system deficiencies with the above highlighted list within the organisation as there was little risk management processes in place and in the main the OHS knowledge base was minimal. Subsequentially the health and safety culture of the organisation was limited with staff struggling to understand the risk management process with the potential to adversely affect the organisations ability to achieve its objectives.

Observations and interviews were conducted with representatives from all levels within the organisation.


1. Introduction: A reviewp5
2. An effective OHS risk management systemp6
i. The risk management processp7
a. Communication and consultationp7
b. Establishing contextp7
c. Risk assessmentp7
i. Risk identificationp7
ii. Risk analysis Appendix Ep7
iii. Risk evaluationp7
d. Risk treatmentp8
e. Monitor and reviewp8
ii. Risk management principles and obstacles p9
iii. Education and Trainingpp10
iv. Risk identification toolspp11
v. Treatmentpp12
3. Benefits of OHS risk managementpp13
4. Conclusion / recommendationspp14
5. References pp15
A. Framework of an OHS Management Systempp16
B. The 11 principles for managing risk and
the risk management frameworkpp17
C. Diagram of a risk management process.pp18
D. Safety culturepp19
E. Safety framework & safety analysispp21
F. Definition of enterprise risk managementpp22

1. A review
The purpose of the report is to review the organisations occupational health and safety risk management system and make recommendations based on the findings. The report highlights the obstacles of the organisations when introducing risk management principles benchmarked against the relevant Australian Standards ISO 31000. Established and progressively maintained risk management systems assists in an organisations statute responsibility of providing safe systems of work. The OHS risk management process is at the heart of these occupational health and safety risk management systems. In the systematic process of risk assessment, the core of the OHS risk management process, the risks are identified, analysed and evaluated giving the organisation critical knowledge to conduct its risk management process and fulfilling its mandate and commitment and legal requirements. Without systematic risk assessment and risk management this critical risk knowledge would be lost and with that knowledge of threats and opportunities for the organization lost also. The consequences for this to happen could lead to a potential disaster to threaten the existence of the organization and/or a devaluing of the organisations relevance in the market place. Management need to take ownership on risk imbedded in the organisations core values and subsequent policies that focused on OHS risk management as a standing item on all decision making processes. This process of governance in turn affects all departments of the organisation on all levels including the organisations external stakeholders giving better rise for the...

References: The organization in consultation with employees shall identify training needs in relation to performing work activities competently, including OHS training.
(Australian standard, 2001)
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