Report on Working Capital of Maharashtra Bank

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Financial ratios Pages: 36 (6422 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Introduction to Topic

“Financial statement analysis of the BANK OF MAHARASHTRA Satana Branch.’’

The rural market has a very good potential to being a progressive area for any firm, company, banks and other industries. So the area and topic I have chosen to study the performance of the bank with the help of the very important tool called ratio analysis.

Because it is very necessary to check the performance of any firm there is always need of tool like ratio analysis which gives real information about any firm and which is very beneficial to shareholders, creditors and general public to take some important decisions regarding to their own interest.

The financial statements may not be realistic because certain basic concepts and conventions prepare them. These statements are interim reports and not the final reports. The final picture can be known only when the business is closed.

Therefore, there is need of analysis and interpretation of financial statements. This is necessary to find out the realistic picture of the business. This is also necessary to analyze the business from various angles like liquidity, profitability, solvency etc.

1.1 Object of the study

As per requirement of Master of Business Administration under Pune University, it is Mandatory for MBA students to undertake a project so as to gain the practical exposure to theory learnt and to submit a project in third semester. I have completed A Project Report on “Financial Statement Analysis of BANK OF MAHARASHTRA, Satana Branch. Which has been completed in time span of two months? Being MBA student only theoretical knowledge is not enough but actual exposure to the market and process in the market can be gained by working in the market, which is gained through summer project being part of MBA.

Hence the main object of the project is to understand the brand perception, field experience by being on field and help us to know how the positive perception is maintained for increase in business.

The project gives the live experience about the various aspects of the management that is helpful from future point of view. The project provides the opportunity to understand the trade, consumers or end users behavior very closely.

1.2 Selection of the topic

Banking Sector Business growing very fast and India is emerging as fourth largest market so, project in BANK OF MAHARASHTRA being beneficial for organization and me.

As we know, the performance on the basis of financial reports is not sufficient and to know the real position of the any organization.

Thus, the topic of study is Ratio Analysis is very useful in that regard, and also to check the performance of any organization.

Although, in rural area there is not a concept of branding positioning and any other marketing concept is important but to know the performance it is very good topic to choose.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

➢ To know the financial position of organization.

➢ To analyze the financial position of organization with the help of B/S. P & L A/C for previous 3 years.

➢ To find out whether Bank performs as per standard or not.

➢ To provide for the likely financial position of the plant and BANK OF MAHARASHTRA as a hold as an end of the budget year, duly compared with the actual of the previous year and latest estimates for the current year.

➢ To provide in summary form a profit and loss account for the previous year and current year and for budget year, with the help of ratio analysis, trend analysis.

1.4 Research Methodology

Intensive research has been done during this project to find out the necessary information regarding both the Ratio analysis in BANK OF MAHARASHTRA. While working in the organization, I could gather much information...
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