Report on the Impact of E-Commerce in an Organisation or Indusrty.

Topics: Internet, Mobile phone, Customer Pages: 7 (2580 words) Published: September 24, 2010
In my report on the impact of E-commerce on an organisation, I have found that in this vastly developing world for any organisation to survive with its competitors it is very Important to involve themselves in E-commerce, throughout my report you will be able to find the truth to this as I look at how it differs from traditional department stores, how we can Improve customer service using the internet and most important the Impact of internet on an Organisation.

I will be reporting on three websites from the mobile phone industry in the UK that provide mobile phone services and broadband to consumer and two industries from the clothing industry. I will highlight good features they have on their websites, any bad features they may have on them and offer any recommendations I may have.

Link: 3 network is a UK based mobile phone services provider which offers mobile phone services and broadband services to the public. In their introduction on their official site is “Our aim is about making mobile communications and the internet affordable and accessible to everyone. Our organisation reflects this” At a glance it is true to say that 3 have indeed made a remarkable effort by the design of its website.

Good features on the website include;
An organized homage – If you are a new consumer and are looking for a specific product at 3 and go to their official website it is very easy to find it by just clicking on what your interest is on the website. •A lot of content – just by looking at the homepage one access all the mobile phones 3 have on offer, all there price plans, mobile broadband, your personal account for 3 customers, help and support ,the company home page where one can read about the company all in one page. •Features available – on the homepage they is a quick finder such that if you do not want to search to much one could search according to product, price plan, and price, this saves on time which is good as consumers do not want to spend forever searching for the right price plan. Bad features I found on the website include;

No help and support – there is a function inviting the public to chat with one of the advisors and I clicked it on 3 different days, at different times of the day and all it said was that currently all the advisors were busy with other customers and recommended that one send an email instead. This is not very encouraging, if a function is available on a website it should be working and not diverting consumers to another link as they will just look for another service provider. •Different websites – when searching for the 3 website I came across another website which is also a 3 website which was quite confusing. For consumers this can be discouraging as consumers may query why there are 2 website yet the content in them is just duplicated.

To have a working chat feature to help answer customer queries to help maintain their customers and to encourage prospective customers to join 3. •The presence of 2 websites does not seem relevant especially if they are providing all similar services to each other. Thus should try and maintain one website and merge everything in both websites. This will be cost effective for them and even less confusing to consumers.

Link: O2 is also another mobile and internet service provider in the UK and like 3, O2 has some similar good features which are; •The homepage organized and rich in content - it is quite easy to find which ever product you are looking by just a few clicks and thus good for existing as well as potential customers. •Help and support- An advantage that O2 has over 3 is that if you need help and support they have a feature on their website called ‘ask Lucy’ and...

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