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1.0 This report reviews the CIPD HR Professional Map. In this section, it explains how the CIPD HR Professional Map (HRPM) areas and bands define the HR profession. It will also look at why the HRPM behaviours are essential to being an effective HR professional.

The CIPD HR Professional Map was introduced in 2009. It is a members-only resource designed to help professionals understand the relevant skills needed to fulfil an HR role. Detailed research within the HR profession was undertaken to create the map and it provides a framework of core skills, knowledge and behaviours for the HR function. The map has been adopted by many organisations as it can be used by all HR professionals, regardless of the size and type of organisation for which they work and whether they are in a generalist or a specialist role.

The map has three key elements:
Professional areas – what HR practitioners need to know and do; Behaviours – how they carry out activities; and
Bands and transitions – how to move from one role to another.

The behaviours element, as well as the bands and transitions, are divided further to allow for competence and hierarchy within HR roles.

The map consists of ten professional areas and eight behaviours, which are then split into four bands. The bands represent the various levels within the profession, such as administration/process, advisory/manager, consultant/business partner and finally director/leader responsible for delivery of the HR strategy.

The professional areas describe the knowledge a person needs for the types of activities that are completed within the four bands of competence. The behaviours describe how the activities should be carried out, again across four bands of competence.

As an individual’s career progresses, the bands and transitions are used to describe the professional competence required for their new role/band. It also recognises that there are challenges when moving from one band to the next....
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