Report on Shooting at Navy Yard, Washington

Topics: Cathy L. Lanier, Gun Control, Security clearance Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Brianna Cunha
September 17, 13
Reaction Paper

Tuesday of this week Aaron Alexis, 34, killed 12 people when he open fired at the Navy Yard in Washington. Alexis was once apart of the Navy, and enlisted in May of 2007 as a reservist. He later was discharged in January of 2011 for a “pattern of misconduct”. Alexis did have past run ins with the law before this shooting ever took place. In 2004, Alexis was charged with shooting out the tires of a man’s car because of a “blackout” due to PTSD from 9/11. In 2008, he was charged with “disturbing the peace”. Needless to say, he’s had a violent past, so was this event almost predicable. But what we are still trying to understand is Alexis motive. What we do know is that Alexis has been having troubles with his contracting job and was probably seeking help from veteran affair hospitals for psychological treatments. But questions still rise if Alexis was working alone. Investigators have no substantial evidence that there was only one shooter. And until authorities can really prove that he was working alone they will still be on the look out for the possible second gunman. For now they are “confident” what where was only one man responsible.

Alexis has been in the capital of Washington since August 25 of this year. FBI will be collecting statements from everyone who has known Alexis including those who have served in the Navy and who went to school with him. They are going to look into Alexis’ life to fully understand what caused his mental break.

Officials are still trying to find out how Alexis was able to pass security clearance with his violent past. Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that Alexis had been communicating with officers from different agencies around the time of the shooting. Authorities are blaming poor security clearance for allowing Alexis into the building. If a thorough background check was completed Security would have seen Alexis’ arrest record. And would not have been...
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