Report On Service Quality Of Remington Hotel

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Report on Service Quality of Remington Hotel
The concept of quality holds a central place in the hotel industry where servicing is the main part of the business. Lewis and Booms (1983) commented that service quality is “a measure of how well the service match with the customer expectations” on a consistent basis. Parasuraman et al (1985, p. 42) stated, “Quality is an elusive and indistinct construct” Quality is comparison between expectation and performance. Parasuraman et al (1988) introduced Gap model and SERVQUAL for measuring the service quality. Expectancy-disconfirmation theory postulates that customer forms their satisfaction with a service as a result of subjective comparison between their expectation and perceptions (Oh 1999, pp. 68-70). In this case study, the author will investigate the gaps in the service quality in Remington Hotel. The five main dimensions of the services will be measured on SERVQUAL scale to understand where gaps exist between expectation and perception of the customers. The author will also discuss reasons behind gaps and recommendations.

Gaps in service quality as observed from Spenser’s complaint Knowledge gap (Gap 1)
The non- availability of hotel’s airport facility in night hours was a simple expectation of Mr. Spencer, which was not fulfilled. The gap visibly exists in knowledge of the Remington Hotel management who does not understand what service a customer expects from the hotel’s airport facility in night hours. A customer with delayed flight will expect airport facility to safely pick up the guests from airport to the hotel. Parasuraman et al (1985, pp. 42-45) described this as Gap 1 - a gap between consumer expectation and management perception of those expectation. The absence of physical facility is a tangible evidence of incompetent service quality of the hotel. Knowledge gap can be due to incorrect market research, lack of feedback and too many organizational layers (Grzinic 2007, pp. 86-89).

Standards gap (Gap 2)
The example of gap of management perception and service quality specifications/standards was evident when there was only one desk left for registration at 11 PM while about 12 guests were waiting in queue. Management was not able to provide standard and prompt services to customers coming in night hours. Management understands expectations but has no system, which will deliver quality service as desired by the customers. Standards gap is due to faulty planning, bad management, lack of goals, and insufficient support and resources (Grzinic 2007, pp. 86-89). Delivery gap (Gap3) is the difference between what managers have defined as standards of service quality and the way how a service was actually delivered (Blesic 2011, pp. 42-43). There is a brazen example of gap in delivery of the service quality in Remington Hotel when Spencer with his wife and sleeping 4 years old child, needed a luggage assistant to take his luggage to the room which is far away in next building in night hours. Communication gap (Gap 4) represents variation between delivered service and what customer was actually told about the service itself. Mr. Spencer was informed about the availability of airport facility in night hours but it was not clearly mentioned that the service is nit available in night hours. Communication gap occurs if communication is not integrated with services or if there is tendency to exaggerate the promises (Grzinic 2007, pp. 86-89). Gap in services (Gap 5) was evident when the desk clerk did many errors in providing the keys of rooms and room allotment. Another desk clerk did not show courtesy to register the customers who approached just before her going off time. Gap 5 refers to difference between customers’ expectations regarding the service and their perception after the service (Blesic 2011, pp. 42-43).

First priority dimension of service
Madeline should certainly focus first on responsiveness dimension of service....

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