Report on Rmg Sector of Bangladesh

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1.1 Origin

This report is prepared as a requirement of the Entrapreneurship course. Our esteem faculty AYESHA SIDDIQUA asked us to choose any entreprneur of our choice and prepare a report. After a brain storming session within the group we decided to study on an entreprneur of Bangladesh. After giving our proposal on this topic AYESHA SIDDIQUA formally assigned us this project.

1.2 Objective

Followings were the objectives of the study.

Broad objective: To gather knowledge about the overall scenario of an entreprneur Specific objectives: To attain the broad objective following specific objectives were pursued:

[pic]To know briefly about an entreprneur of Bangladesh
[pic]To identify what factors are affecting an entreprneur • To identify the performance of an entreprenur

1.3 Scope

This report is on an entreprneur of Bangladesh. So, mainly we have tried to focus on the following factors: 1) Current scenario of. an entreprneur
2) Reasons for a healthy growth in this business
3) Reasons for having comparative advantages in this industry. 4) Economical and financial effect of this business in our national macroeconomics

Beside these, we also brought several foreign benchmarks and statistics for doing the research work in a better way. The detailed analysis of each segment was beyond the scope of our report. We only focused on the general overview of this subject.

1.4 Methodology

a) Nature of the study: Exploratory

❑ Primary sources: Due to time constraints we failed to MUCH survey the BUSSINESS to collect primary data.

❑ Limitations

Several problems were encountered while doing this project. These are follows:

1. We had time constraint. If we were allowed more time the report could have been better. 2. The required data was not available out of cost on the secondary sources. 3. We could not collect no more primary data due to time constraint.


Ittadi’s proprietor and director is Mr. Md. Shameem Ahmmed.

Ittadi’s at first started by the Ittadi’s proprietor Mr. Shameem Ahmmed of his

own concepts and designs. Each stylish designers has different hot design touches

and extra ordinary round exceptional. All designers are working as a group with

the director and their out put come after discussion each other.

Ittadi’s chief Mr. Md. Shameem Ahmmed is a elected member of this

organization named Bangladesh Handicrafts Manufacturing and Exporter

Association (Banglacraft).

He works for the development of Bangladesh handicrafts through the

banglacraft. Ittadi’s production ground in the district Jamalpur and Manikgong

The poor village women got themselves benefited and share of Bangladesh

fashion development working with the shadow of Anjan’s.

Historical Background

The 15th Feb, of 2003 Ettadi first starts fashion design journey by its at mirpur-11branch. At the beginning Ittadi’s widely ntroduce achieved for its fashion designs and loveliness accessories.

The second branch of the Ittadi’s opened at Mirpur-14 in
2005. In the November of 2006 Anjan’s established more two of the branches at shantinagar and uttara. These prime causes Ittadi’s clicked in the generals as well as fashionable customers. Besides male, female and babies garments Ittadi’s making also home textiles and handicrafts that marketing run only on Ittadi’s showrooms.

In the line on Bangladesh fashion design Ittadi’s wing reached over the mass peoples. At first Ittadi’s had only two workers but now Ittadi’s has 70 over officers and workers and along with still engaged almost one thousand labours which are more rural female labour numbers. So Ittadi,’s contribution is not only in the making fashion line rather has also arranged work arena among the poor village women. Mainly Ittadi,’s fashion...
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