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1.1 Introduction

The word ‘environment’ does not merely refer to the natural or ecological environment, although that may be important considerations for many organizations. Instead, it is a generic concept, which embraces the totality of external environment forces, which may influence any aspect of organizational activity. Similarly, the word ‘business’ is used to imply any type of organization, whether it is a commercial profit-making enterprise, a government agency or a non-profit-making charitable trust.

1.2 Background: The report-conducted rahimafrooz limited. This company all ready establish in the market. Rohimafrooz first lance their product in 1954. We are preparing this report environment impact (specially ecological impact) analysis the rahimafrooz limited. We are visit rahimafrooz sales center and collect much information. In this paper “Impact of Environmental Forces in Industry special focus on Ecology” every possible attempt has been made to collect necessary information to show the conditions of the product.

1.3 Significance of the report: To justify the how situation ecological environment impact the rahimafrooz Ltd. in Bangladesh.

1.4 Scope of the report:

The area of study is confined to rahimafrooz Ltd. in Bangladesh. The job is to review the overall company ecological impact.

This report has been prepared through extensive discussion with group member & seller of the company.

An overview of IPS & battery industry in Bangladesh.
An overview of rahimafrooz limited in Bd
Marketing performance of rahimafrooz limited.

1.5 Objectives:

1.5.1 Broad Objective:
Our objective is to identify Environmental Forces on Rahimafrooz Ltd. especially ecological impact on their production process as well as overall industry.

1.5.2 Specific Objective:

To identify the ecologial condition of Rahimafrooz Batteries & IPS Ltd. In Bangladesh.

To identify the major obstacle to the way of prosper of the company.

To find out the objectives of the Rahimafrooz Ltd.

To identify the economic & marketing condition.

1.6 Methodology: Methodology following to perform a job or conducting activities to complete a task is called methodology.

1.6.1 Type of research: This is an Descript & experimental research which briefly reveals and analyzes the especially ecological impact of Rohimafrooz Ltd.

1.6.2 Sources of data Primary: Rohamaforooze dealer, marketing department, & customer, seller etc. Secondary: Newspaper, article, library sturdy, & report.

1.6.3 Data collection procedure: Secondary:
Published documents and reports
Annual reports of the Rahimafrooz .
Relevant websites (www.rahimafrooz bangladesh Primary: Interview and discussion with the officials and clients

1.6.4 Questionnaire: A logical questionnaire is used in the market research. Both close ended and open-ended questions are used in the questionnaire.

1.6.5 Sampling plan:
Sample unit: The sample unit of the survey is an individual user of IPS & battery in BD. Population: All the user of IPS & battery product in mirpur aria. Sample frame: No well structured sample frame is found.

Sampling procedure: Non-probability convenience sampling procedure is used in the survey. Sampie size: The sample size is 100 people

01Mirpur- 11 number50
02Mirpur- 10 number30
03Mirpur- 01 number20

1.6.6 Data analysis and reporting: We have used different computer software to analyzes this reports. Such as Microsoft word, Microsoft excel etc.

1.7 Limitations:

Lack of time
Lack of knowledge
Lack of sufficient financial assistance.
Lack of proper book, journals & article etc.
Lack of valuable data & information.
Lack of perfect co-operation.


Theoretical Aspects


A Classification of Environmental forces:

1.LE. PESTC analysis.
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