Report on Philippine Education during Spanish Era

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Patricia Dela Rosa

When the Spanish first
arrived in the Philippines,
education of the indigenous
people was mainly viewed
as the duty of religious

The Friars establish parochial

schools linked with Churches to teach
catechism to the natives.
Education was manage, supervised,

and controlled by the friars.

The Spanish missionaries aim to control of the
Filipinos, body and soul.
The curriculum then consisted of the three R’s:
reading, writing and religion to attain goals were the
acceptance of Catholicism and the acceptance of
Spanish rule.

The schools were parochial or convent schools.
There was a separate school for boys and girls.
The focus of education during the Spanish
Colonization of the Philippines was mainly religious
Spanish education played a major role in that
The oldest universities, colleges, vocational schools
 and the first modern public education system in Asia
 were created during the colonial period.

The Spanish missionaries established schools
immediately after reaching the islands.
The Augustinians opened a school in Cebu in

 Jesuits followed in 1581.

 The Dominicans in 1587, which they started a
school in their first mission at Bataan.

 The Franciscans, in 1577, immediately took to the
task of teaching improving literacy, aside from the
teaching of new industrial and agricultural
 In 1863, an educational
decree mandated the
establishment of free primary schools in each town,
one for boys and one for girls, with the precise
number of schools depending on the size of the

 There were 3 grades: entrada, acenso,
and termino.
 The curriculum required the study of Christian
doctrine, values and history as well as reading and
writing in Spanish, mathematics, agriculture,
etiquette, singing, world geography, and Spanish
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