Report on Irish Girl Guides

Topics: Brownie, Girl Guides, Guiding Pages: 4 (790 words) Published: March 4, 2013
A Report on Irish Girl Guides,
Ballincollig Brownies Division.

By Karol Cronin-Chucks
26 February 2013
Commissioned by Denise Ryan

Terms of Reference 3
Constraints 3
Methodology 3
Primary Source 3
Secondary Source 3
Introduction 3
Funding 4
Staffing 4
Facilities 4
Activities 5
Conclusion 5
Recommendations 5
Short Term Recommendations 5
Long Term Recommendations 5
Bibliography 6
Terms of Reference
The aim of this report is to examine the Irish Girl Guides, Ballincollig Brownie Division. It will evaluate the aim of the organization, assess the activities included and examine how the organization is funded and staffed. Constraints

The constraints on this report are the deadline of 28 February 2013 and a permitted length of 1000 words.

Primary Source
A talk with an active Leader and member of the Brownies
Secondary Source
Researching the Irish Girl Guides website.
Irish Girl Guide Handbook

The Brownies are an age appropriate (7-11year olds) programme within the Irish Girl Guides. The programme teaches girls leadership and responsibility in the context of fun and friendship which is carried out in an unpressurised environment. With a strong emphasis on the outdoors the girls are encouraged to follow their own paths of individuality choosing personal challenges they want to achieve and play a big part in choosing any group activities. Through a variety of activities the girls learn to:

* Develop leadership skills
* Be involved in decision making
* Learn practical indoor and outdoor skills
* Behave responsibly in upholding the laws of the country * Be aware of and care for the needs of others
* Appreciate and use environmental resources properly
There are 25 places for girls on a Wednesday evening and 25 places on a Thursday evening.

The Ballincollig Brownies are funded by a weekly contribution of €3 by each girl as well as...

Bibliography: Irish Girl Guide Handbook.
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