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It’s not what you just eat! & There’s nothing ordinary about

…. Igloo….
….is an experience………a life long friendship

It’s not just ice-cream ……. it’s a celebration of life…..memories forever Stress buster Family time

Mon Kharaap

Togetherness Lost childhood

Indulgence… Experiences to Remember….

Pahela Boishakh

Sharing with friends

Celebration of Life Weekend

Valentines Day

Adda Baji

Igloo must come of food category and be a lifestyle Product

Broad Summery…… - Forces that influence the industry - Industry analysis…. Facts n Figures - Forces that influence Distribution - My Focus for the Presentation…Distribution…the key to growth…the way I see it

- Cold-chain distribution….Different Ball-game - SWOT….strategy….Attempt to conclude

Ice-cream Industry……

Industry Influencing Factors : Some Findings……
• • •
Seasonal Demand

Huge Untapped market

Increasing Middle Class & Disposable Income

• •

Category Growth & Profitability
Strong Media Growth & Innovative Branding 60% population Under the Age Of 30! Long & hot summer

• • •

Peak season is March-May. Only 3 major players…..6 in all! Only 60% of the market demand is met on daily basis! 10 million liter ice-cream sold each year…100 crore taka market Category growth for the last 3 year averages 20%....Dhaka and CTG based growth One new entrants NZ Milk may bring a top global Brand this year. Production capacity is much more than sales/distribution capacity! Very little ATL & BTL activity in the industry compare to similar indistry

Market Share Market Share of 6 Competitors…… – 2008 -OK

MILK VITA, 210,000, 2% Others, 200,000, SAVOY , 210,000, 2% 2% KWALITY, 2,650,000, 28%

IGLOO, 6,403,542, 66%

Category Growth … 2007 vs. 2008
2007 2008

Category Growth … 2007 vs. 2008

12000000 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000 0 Category Growth IGLOO Kwality Savoy 9,673,542 9216080

7% 14%
6,403,542 5,621,809

Category growth is 10%, while IGLOO has grown by 14 % & Kwality by 8 % Total Market in 2008 : 10 mil Liters

2,450,000 2,650,000

200,000 210,000 210,000 184,322 184,322 184322


14 %


Milk Vita


900000 800000 700000 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 0 National Sales ( Liter )

How it is progressing Seasonal Curves of Sales……Jan 06 to Dec 08

Ja Fe n-06 Mab-06 Apr-06 Ma r-06 Juy-06 n Ju -06 Au l-06 Seg-06 Ocp-06 No t-06 Dev-06 Jac-06 Fe n-07 Mab-07 Apr-07 Ma r-07 Juy-07 n Ju -07 Au l-07 Seg-07 Ocp-07 No t-07 De v-07 Jac-07 Fe n-08 Mab-08 Apr-08 Ma r-08 Juy-08 n Ju -08 Au l-08 Se g-08 p Oc -08 No t-08 Dev-08 c-0 8

Season wise Sales Contribution
Lean Peak Semi Peak

15% 35%


My Focus……Distribution - Distribution…’s not just making product available - Retailers…….do we treat them right…are they loyal? - Increasing reach…..The demand is not met!! - New ways to break the barriers…Fridge…cold room..

Why Distribution is so Important…Its not just availability  Fiat bought 20% of troubled Chrysler Corporation just to get their US Distribution network’s advantage! …CNN last week  Bajaj hold 70% of India’s 2 million/yr motorbike sales although their closest rival HERO HONDA has latest Japanese Brand as opposed to Bajaj’s 30 yr old Indian Brand/Tech only because they have fiercely loyal distributors!…..Philip Kotler 9th Edition  Unilever BD produces low quality soap and detergent while their competitors use imported high quality soap noodles…..still Unilever rules the market….its their distribution…….Unilever Employees  In BD telecom product, pricing and VAS is same for all operators…… GP leads for two things best network and controlled distribution/retail…….Telenor Website

Distribution Influencing Factors : Some Market Facts

Areas Covered Storage capacity & Vehicles Efficient Distribution

Number of Shop coverage % of universe

Partner Profitability

Season based Plan

Motivated Sales...
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