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Topics: Marketing, Paint, Coatings Pages: 40 (11607 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. Theoretical knowledge gets perfection with practical implication. As the concerning parties; educational institution and the organization substantially benefit from such a program namely “Internship”, the sole purpose of internship is to train the students and prepare themselves for the real life in job markets. I have developed this internship report as a partial requirement to acquire the BBA degree under direct supervision of Mohammad Mahfuz Ahmed. I have tried my level best to make this report informative and enriched so that the real things can easily be displayed. Scope of the study

This report has covered almost all the strategy of Berger Paints Bangladesh ltd for marketing its product. It also includes a brief profile of the company. To know the strategy of the company it also includes the product categories and the distribution channel of the company. Objectives of the study

This study had been carried out to achieve some predetermined objectives. This has been broken down into two different categories of objective. Broad objective
To identify and analyze the marketing strategies that Berger adapt in different levels Specific objectives:
To identify Segment strategies
To identify Target market selection   strategies
To identify Positioning Strategies
To identify Pricing strategies
To identify promotional strategies
Methods and Procedures
Every Research work should be conducted through a specific and predetermined methodology to explore an effective research outcome. The nature of the study is a qualitative research. It has been conducted with a methodology and the laments of methodology are as following: Primary sources

Primary data have been collected by direct interviews and conversations with the employees within the Dhaka sales office of Berger Paints Bd. Ltd.  Secondary sources
Berger’s Bluebook
The website of Berger (
Prospectus of Berger
Different journals and publications
Other Research Papers
Data gathering Method
The needed primary data has been collected through some questionnaire. Besides, some data has been collected by conducting in depth interview with The Area Sales Manager (ASM) Sabuj Shawpan Barua. Limitations

In this research I faced some obstacles that hindered me from obtaining the objective of my project. In brief the problem that I faced is; A major limitation of the report was that only dealers were selected as the respondents. Most of the traders are very much afraid of disclose the information about sales. Time and cost constraints also other limitations regarding this research. Most of the traders of paints are illiterate or little educated. Every organization has some rules and regulation regarding its privacy policy. So does Berger paint Bangladesh Ltd. Moreover financial information is regarded more sensitive. That is why I failed to collect some market share related information in different months which would have proved very effective in preparing the report. However this limitation is not very unnatural. Lack of experience of the researcher.

As the report is based totally on personal observation, personal bias might have hampered the findings. I might have unintentionally missed any important point that I should have covered in my project work. In my survey I have droped some Berger’s dealer as I want to focus on the traders who sales more than one company’s paints. History of Berger

Berger is one of the oldest names in paint industry detailing back more than 200 years to 1760. Lewis Berger, a German national, founded dye & pigment making business in England.  Lewis Berger & Sons Limited grew rapidly with a strong reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship culminating in perfecting the process of making Prussian Blue, a deep blue dye, a color widely used for many...
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