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Five year plans...
Five-Year Plans (FYPs) are centralized and integrated national economic programs. Joseph Stalin implemented the first FYP in the Soviet Union in the late 1920s. Started from 1951 in India

Plan which showed success
Sixth Plan
(1980 - 85)
Target Growth: 5.2% Actual Growth: 5.66%

Seventh Plan
(1985 - 90)
Target Growth: 5.0% Actual Growth: 6.01%

Rest all showed –target not achieved..

Last 3 five year plans
Ninth Plan (1997–2002)[edit]
Ninth Five Year Plan India runs through the period from 1997 to 2002 with the main aim of attaining objectives like speedy industrialization, human development, full-scale employment, poverty reduction, and self-reliance on domestic resources. Background of Ninth Five Year Plan India: Ninth Five Year Plan was formulated amidst the backdrop of India's Golden jubilee of Independence. The main objectives of the Ninth Five Year Plan of India are: to prioritize agricultural sector and emphasize on the rural development to generate adequate employment opportunities and promote poverty reduction to stabilize the prices in order to accelerate the growth rate of the economy to ensure food and nutritional security.

to provide for the basic infrastructural facilities like education for all, safe drinking water, primary health care, transport, energy to check the growing population increase
to encourage social issues like women empowerment, conservation of certain benefits for the Special Groups of the society to create a liberal market for increase in private investments During the Ninth Plan period, the growth rate was 5.35 per cent, a percentage point lower than the target GDP growth of 6.5 per cent. [12]

Tenth Plan (2002–2007)[edit]
The main objectives of the tenth Five Year Plan of India are: Attain 8% GDP growth per year.
Reduction of poverty rate by 5 percentage points by 2007.
Providing gainful and high-quality employment at...
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