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Report on Fastfood Industry

By hneffa May 19, 2013 2740 Words
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Student ID Number:| 2129767| Date Submitted:| 14th May of 2013| Student Name / Group Name:| Henrique Fornazier Murad Neffa| SGA Unit Code:| SGA 1233| SGA Unit Title:| Market Evaluation|

Course:| Diploma of Business| Trainer’s Name:| Martin Howells| Received by Academic Dept:| | Assessment No:| 2|

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Market Research Report

Author: Henrique Fornazier Murad Neffa

Work for Martin College

Date of submission: 14/05/2013

Tutor's name: Martin Howells

* Table of Contents
Cover page1
Title page2
Table of Contents3
2.1Research Part A5
2.1.1 Question i5
2.1.2Question ii6
2.1.3 Question iii6
2.1.4 Question iv6
2.1.5 Question v7
2.1.6 Question vi7
2.1.7 Question vii7
2.1.8 Question viii7
2.2Research Part B8

1.0 Introduction

This Market Research Report was done on May 14, 2013 following the instructions of the assessment 2 of the Learning Unit Profile in the class of Market Evaluation at Martin College by the student Henrique Fornazier Murad Neffa. This report was made in order to analyze the forces that affect some marketing programs and to take knowledge about the market positioning and the ideas to improve the marketing on a specific company. The methods of research were mainly the internet. But also, analyzes at the inside store and analyze of booklets.

2.0 Findings
2.1 Research part A:

2.1.1- i. Identify some of the macro-environmental forces affecting the marketing listed below: -| Specific Industry| Demographic| Economic| Competitive| Social/ Cultural| Political Legal| Tech| Fast Food| Subway| -> Young people;-> Adults;-> Elderly->13-17 is the most popular [source: Subway Australia’s Facebook page]| -> Cheap deals of the week or day;-> Buy more, pay less for each (eg. Cookies);[Source: Subway’s Australian website.]| ->Nandos; -> Mc Donalds;-> Hungry Jacks;-> KFC.[Source:]| -> Healthy;-> Subway relates its sandwich with exercises to make it look healthier [source: Subway’s website and boards]-> Pressures on time, need convenience; [Source: Press reports, internal surveys].| -> Health Bill Requires Fast Food Nutrition Posting [source: todaystmj4 news]-> The kilojoule content must be adjacent to the price of the product and be at least the same size as the price of the product. [source: NSW Food Authority]| -> Free lunch on your birthday if you submit to Subway’s online club.[Source: Subway’s Australian website.]| Training College| Martin College| Mostly 17-50 as students and 30-65 as staff [Source: personal observation as College’s student]| -> Opportunity to combine courses to get more diplomas in less time they would be done separately[Source: Martin College booklet]| -> Griffith University;-> Langports;-> Bond University;-> Central Queensland University, Gold Coast.[Source:]| -> 6% of Gold Coast’s population is unemployed, looking for work [Source: Gold Coast Social Indicators 2010]| -> Governmental regulated [Source:]| -> Online courses-> Studysmart: a website that the students and teachers use to manage assessments and get the school’s works.-> All classes have touch screen computers.[Source: Martin College website]

Night Clubs| Sincity Nightclub| -> 28.1% of Gold Coast population is 20-34 years old [Source: First Release of Australian Bureau Statistics 2011]| ->Special deals each day of the week (cheaper drinks, free drinks to girls…)->VIP membership[Source: Sincity’s website]| -> Vanity;-> Live;-> Beergarden;-> Melbas[Source:]| -> The greatest participations of young people on Gold Coast is in social activities;-> Young people would like to participate in more social activities such as going clubbing.[Source: Social Research Section of the Gold Coast City Council]| -> Law about noisy late-night parties, loud music after 10pm [Source: Daily telegraph news]-> Law about alcohol just after 18 years old [Source:]| -> Buy event tickets online [Source: Sincity’s website];-> Technology (social networks) enables companies to send more information about their products than ever before. [Source: American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal]| Internet Company| Optus| -> All generations are already little included on internet[Source:]| -> Prepaid plans-> Postpaid plans[Source: Optus website]| -> Adam Internet;-> Exetel;->iiNet;->Internode;->Vodafone;-> Telstra Bigpond.[Source:]| -> Pressures on time, need convenience; [Source: Press reports, internal surveys]-> People want internet everywhere [Source:,8599,2054426,00.html]| -> Fair trade, copyright and privacy laws.[Source:]| -> Recharge your internet data online;[Source: Optus’ website]| Grocery industry| Coles| -> Everyone [Source: personal observation]| -> Coles also has its own brands for products -> Special deals sporadically [Source: Coles websites]| -> Whoolworth-> 7-Eleven (indirect)-> Local groceries markets[Source: Australia Food and Grocery Council| -> Pressures on time, need convenience; [Source: Press reports, internal surveys].| -> Food Standards Australia New Zealand Regulations 1994-> Imported Food Control Act 1992 [Source:]| -> Self-checkout;-> Coles magazine app for smartphone;-> Shop online.[Source: Coles’ website]|

Choose one of the above and name and describe one organization that competes in that industry:

Fast food is the selected. And the organization is Subway.

Fast Food| Subway| -> Young people;-> Adults;-> Elderly->13-17 is the most popular [source: Subway Australia’s Facebook page]| -> Cheap deals of the week or day;-> Buy more, pay less for each (eg. Cookies);[Source: Subway’s Australian website.]| ->Nandos; -> Mc Donalds;-> Hungry Jacks;-> KFC.[Source:]| -> Healthy;-> Subway relates its sandwich with exercises to make it look healthier [source: Subway’s website and boards]-> Pressures on time, need convenience; [Source: Press reports, internal surveys].| -> Health Bill Requires Fast Food Nutrition Posting [source: todaystmj4 news]-> The kilojoule content must be adjacent to the price of the product and be at least the same size as the price of the product. [source: NSW Food Authority]| -> Free lunch on your birthday if you submit to Subway’s online club.[Source: Subway’s Australian website.]|

2.1.2 - ii. Conduct research on this organization and summarize its background, mission/ objectives (if stated), and market positioning.

Subway wants to delight every customer so they want to tell their friends – with great value through fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, and an exceptional experience. Furthermore, according to Subway, its goal is to be ranked the number one Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) worldwide while maintaining the great-tasting freshness of its products that is its trademark.

2.1.3 - iii. Research potential new markets where the business can grow. Type of questions to consider: Where is the population growing? At what locality will they need this kind of product or service? How many competitors are there?

There are 1218 Subway stores located in Australia. Therefore, there are over 800 McDonalds, over 500 Hungry Jacks, over 350 Red Roosters, over 600 KFCs and a lot of other fast foods brands. These data reveal the hard competition that circumscribes this area of business. Although, for fast food, the potential entrants is high; the buyer power is high; the threat of substitution is high; and the supplier power is low. So, knowing this, we can see that this marketing is very full and Subway is already in lots of places in Australia. However, Subway is a very appreciated and convenient company, so every place that has a big population growing, that has a city turning to fast business and convenience and has at least a medium high competitors will afford a new Subway.

2.1.4 - iv. Research the number of places the organization/franchise is currently established.

Subway is a multi-billion dollar business, with 39372 outlets in 102 countries.

2.1.5 - v. Research the number of competitors in the same market and identify who is their major competitor.

There is a total of 3 million fast food restaurants in the world. However, over all those restaurants, Subway’s major competitor is MC Donalds. Recently, at the end of 2010, the Subway sandwich chain has surpassed McDonald's Corp, Subway had 33,749 restaurants worldwide, compared to McDonald's 32,737. Now Subway is the world's largest restaurant chain, in terms of units.

2.1.6 - vi. Identify two creative approaches the organization could use to capture new customers that the organization is not currently doing at the moment. For example: new packaging arrangement or method of promotion, or new type of product. Describe your creative approach in how it will meet a targeted market. You may also consider drawing your creation (for those who may do new packaging).

1. Online ordering is an approach the organization could use to capture new costumers. It would target a huge number of new clients, at the time that the world is turning to the online media and is always wanting convenience. 2. Supermarket items is another approach the organization could use to capture new costumers. It would target a huge number of new clients, at the time that people want more convenience and better prices.

2.1.7 - vii. Describe this innovative approach and how it will contribute to the business.

1. The online ordering would be done on the Subway website or in a worldwide Subway app for smartphones. The order state also would be showed for the clients on the app or website (if it’s cooking, preparing, delivering). This new approach would contribute to the business giving Subway a more online approach to the costumers and more convenience to them.

2. Subway would have a little session on the supermarket that would has their breads, their meats, their sauces and packaged salad. It would contribute to the business promoting their brand in a different area and also giving convenience to their clients.

2.1.8 - viii. Refer to page 61 on marketing related legislation and identify at least three types of marketing legislation that will impact on this business.

The Corporations Law 1991, The Credit Act 1984, The Broadcasting Services Act 1992, The Consumer Claims Act 1998, The Fair Trading Act 1987 and The Spam Act 2003 are marketing related legislation that will impact on this business.

2.2 - Research Part B

The Australian Competition and Consumer commission (ACCC) continuously scans the business environment to detect practices and trends that might disadvantage Australian consumers. Marketers similarly need to stay up with developments in the legal environment. Refer to ACCC’s web site at:

What are some of the issues that this site is suggesting marketers need to be aware of regarding their legal and ethical obligations?

Honest advertising practices are not just good for business – they are required by law. The Australian Consumer Law contains a number of rules that businesses must follow when advertising and selling products and services. Knowing this, according to the ACC website, marketers regarding their legal and ethical obligations need to know in the ambit of advertising that is illegal for a business to make statements that are incorrect or likely to create a false impression; that Businesses can't rely on small print and disclaimers as an excuse for a misleading overall message; that Bait advertising (illegal practice of advertising specific prices on goods that are not available or are available only in very limited quantities) is illegal; that is illegal to make false or misleading claims about the country of origin of goods; that you can’t make misleading claims on social media; and that you can’t allow misleading claims in comments of the social media. In the ambit of pricing, marketers need to know that customers should be able to identify the total price in the advertisement just as easily as prices for all the other aspects; that if you display or advertise in a catalogue the same good with more than one price, you must sell the good for the lowest displayed (or advertised) price or withdraw the goods from sale until the price is corrected; that if you decide to impose a credit card fee, you must ensure your customers are aware; that is illegal for competing businesses to get together and agree to fix their prices; that is illegal for suppliers to attempt to set a minimum price for their products or services that retailers can’t sell below; and that while selling goods at a below-cost price is usually okay, it may be illegal if it is done for the purpose of eliminating or substantially damaging a competitor.

3.0 – Conclusion

On a deep analysis of this Market Research Report we can notice that there are many environmental forces actuating on the marketing of which business, and there are ways to take maximum effort of those forces. We can also notice that each company has its statements and goals, and a market positioning that will take the maximum advantage of the environmental issues.

By analyzing the location, number and quality of the competitors and the environmental issues it is possible to make ideas of new approaches that a business can take to get more clients and develop the industry, so the company can attain its goal and satisfy its statement.

Concluding, the steps of this report is a guideline to think and understand about the environment that circumscribes the company and the company itself. Taking knowledge about those characteristics, a marketer can make better ideas and promote better the company.

4.0 - Bibliography:

------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------



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