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This industrial training report contained the preliminary information and the technical report of the 8 weeks practical training. The preliminary information including the information about the organization and the projects while the technical report including the nature of work and suggestion to improve the quality of practical training.

Every activities during the practical training had been noted down in the practical training logbook and the immediate superior had been approved the notes at the end of each week.

1.2Organization profile

The Ministry of Housing and Local Government was established on 24 May 1964 as the Ministry of Local Government and Housing. Following a Cabinet reshuffle on 18 July 1978, the Ministry was renamed the Ministry of Housing and Local Government. This was the result of a merger between the Ministry of Housing and Rural Development and the Department of Local Government which was previously part of the Ministry of Local Government and the Federal Territory.

The mission of the company is planning, coordinating and implementing excellent human settlement through comprehensive housing programs, uniformed development control with integral infrastructure facilities, social and recreational services towards building a dynamic society.

The ministry has 5 objectives that are:

1. To establish and implement comprehensive and uniform nationwide rural and urban planning to strengthen and promote physical, social, economic and environmental development.

2. To encourage, develop and guide Local Authorities to establish high quality urban, social and recreation services and to provide opportunities for uniform economic growth.

3. To ensure adequate comfortable and balanced housing development, complete with social and recreational facilities.

4. To ensure the safety of life and property through preventive and supervisory services regarding fire and dangerous materials, efficient and effective emergency and rescue services and the raising of public awareness and education on fires and fire prevention.

5. To develop landscaping, parks, and quality recreational facilities and achieve the objective of making Malaysia a garden nation.

The functions of the ministry are:

1. Planning and implementation of KPKT policies to achieve primary national development goals.

2. Provision of adequate housing for all citizens, particularly for the low-income group.

3. Setting up of Local Authorities which are strong and able to contribute to the establishment of a progressive society and a clean and healthy environment.

4. Provision of efficient Fire and Rescue Services for the safety of life and property.

5. Strengthening and implementation of physical, social, economic, and town and country environment planning in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act. 1976.



The Ministry of Housing and Local Government had been divided into several divisions and units. We had been placed at the Civil Engineering Unit.

The function of Civil Engineering Unit is:

• Study the suitability of project site from the engineering aspect before the project is implemented.

• Manage, coordinate and handle all the matters which are related to the infrastructure design preparation such as road system, drainage, sewerage treatment and water treatment, water supply reticulation, soil work and etc by referring to the government agencies such JKR, JPS, JBA etc.

• Offer consultancy service on civil engineering.

1.3Period of employment

The period of employment for industrial training is 8 weeks starting from 10th May 2010 until 4th July 2010.

1.4Nature of appointments

During the practical training, I had been assigned as trainee engineer....
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