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The Pfizer at ringaskiddy
Prepared by :MD apu sarwar

Report on the visit to the Pfizer Ringaskiddy plant
Ringaskiddy, co-cork, Ireland

On The 2nd of November eleven students including myself went to visit Pfizer ringaskiddy plant. Our tour guide was Mr. Ambrose furey is the lecturer of chemistry department of CIT. At the company gate we met a security officer named Mr. Brendon who supplied us the safety equipments and gave us the safety information about the plant. Then we met Kathrin Kelly who shown us the plant during the visit and gave us all information about the palnt.

About the Pfizer at ringaskiddy
Introduction: Pfizer’s business interests in Ireland are diverse. There is a manufacturing presence in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Solid Dose Pharmaceutical, Nutritionals, Vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals. The Irish operations manufacture some of Pfizer’s best selling and newest medicines including Lipitor (cardiovascular), Viagra (urology), Sutent (oncology), Enbrel (rheumatology) and Prevenar (vaccines).Pfizer at Ringaskiddy exports bulk pharmaceuticals, the active ingredients in Pfizer's medication for both humans and animals. History: Pfizer was one of the first US pharmaceutical businesses to locate in Ireland and set up its first production facility in Ringaskiddy in 1969 to produce food chemicals, including citric acid and gluconate products. In 1972 the first production plant, Organic Synthesis Plant 1 (OSP1), was constructed to produce bulk pharmaceutical products.   The site currently has 3 organic synthesis plants, OSP1, OSP3 and OSP4. The site also scales up new products in cooperation with Pfizer Global Research & Development to ensure timely approval and launch of these new products. Modern laboratory: In 2007 the Pfizer global Process Development Centre opened a Kilo Technology Laboratory (KTL) on the Ringaskiddy site. The KTL scales up 2nd generation processes coming from the global Process development Centre laboratories. The...
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