Report: Germany's Secret Operations

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 5 (2034 words) Published: April 30, 2002
Germany's Secret Operations

Hitler and his army pounded Europe with their army, air, and naval forces during World War II with no signs of letting up. Germany appeared as though they had really pressed the offensive by attacking with numbers, numerous times with no apparent end in sight. After being subjected to the German military and it's tactics so many times, one would think that the Allies would have a pretty clear view of what Germany had and what to expect. But Germany continued to keep the opposition guessing on what they would do next. It was like a magician show. Germany had its blitzkrieg in one hand, while the other hand held the torturing of Jews, experiments on them, and looting of their gold and property at the same time. Germany was leading some of the most crushing attacks on opposing militaries, as well as opposing citizens. Hitler's underwater boats, or U-Boats greatly befitted Hitler's ability to operate a silent service navy. They were able to close in on targets, fire on them, and leave the area before the opposing ship even knew what hit them. However the U-boats relied on a key machine to help them on their warpath, this was the Enigma. The Enigma was a machine the Germans used to send information with; it sent encrypted messages so that the enemy could not decode them even if they were to be ease dropping on the line that they were sending it on. With all of these in Hitler's arsenal, it was tough to keep tabs on Germany and what they were doing with their prisoners. Hitler kept his operations secretive in an attempt to keep an edge on the opposition and lid on his actions.

Within the concentration camps, the SS was not only slave driving their prisoners, but hand selecting them to use as guinea pigs. German doctors and scientists picked out prisoners who were in general health and conducted experiments on them for the purposes of gaining information to use for their army, navy, and air force personnel. The SS leader Himmler communicated closely with doctors conducting the experiments to "fill their orders" for test subjects; sometimes it was skeletons of prisoners, weak prisoners, strong prisoner, or even several members of a family-whatever it took to further the Nazi's research. Testing ranged from exposing the victim to both low and high pressure, injecting them with diseases like Hepatitis Epidemica and spotted fever, to drowning them under water while they were unconscious. The navy conducted an experiment in which the test subject was placed under narcosis, then put into water and was allowed to slowly suffocate to see how the body cooled at different depths. But one of the more sickening experiments was the low-pressure experiment conducted by the Air Force (or the Luftwaffe) because it allowed the victim to die slowly, as he slowly lost oxygen flow to the brain. The experiment was described in a document used in the Nuremberg trials, this excerpt from the experiment illustrates the Nazi testing, "the third experiment of this type took such an extraordinary course that I called an SS physician of the camp as a witness, since I had worked on these experiments all by myself. It was a continuous experiment without oxygen at a height of 12Km. Conducted on 37-year old Jew in good general condition. Breathing continued up to 30 minutes. After 4 minutes the experimental subject began to perspire and to wiggle his head, after 5 minutes cramps occurred, between 6 and 20 minutes breathing increased in speed and the experimental subject became unconscious; from 11-30 minutes breathing slowed down to three breaths per minute, finally stopping altogether. Severest cyanosis developed in between and foam appeared at the mouth…a heavy subarchnoid oedema was found in the brain. In the veins and arteries of the brain a considerable quantity of air was discovered"-SS –Untersturmfuhrer Rascher (1). Hitler and his band of scientists felt the need for real human subjects because they had already...
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