Report from Intel Case

Topics: Culture, Tim Hodgkinson Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Raquel Parra Uribe
Beijing International Students University
Teacher: Gin MA
Intel case

Report from Intel Case

After reading Intel case it is easy to see that the company is facing a communication problem. I can see that the organizational culture is not clear in the company, the employees haven't taken the culture as their own. Another problem is that the company is facing a mixture of cultures, Western and Eastern ( Chinese). As the article says: " Chinese organizational structures were more vertically layered than Western firms, resulting in dense reporting lines and bureaucratic administrative mechanisms".(Ivey ,page7) Subsequently this situation happened because Charles Tang is coming from the western culture were things are different: " western organizational and communication systems promoted a more open discussion between managers and their employees" . (Ivey, page 7). The problem with Charles Tang and Li was that they weren't in constant communication when Li was doing the project. They never had meetings so Tang wasn't update with the work, he couldn't see the progress. When he saw Li's work finished it was too late to stop him. It was Li fault also because he didn't make a report about his work. If he was so passionate with the work and he wanted to do more research he should ask Tang what he thinks. What is true is that Tang shouldn't fire Li, that would be unfair. Li was just doing his job and like a good worker he was being passionate for his job. Its the first time that this happens and they can learn about it, they can learn to always ask for reports about the work and Tang should have talked with Li first about the expectations of the assignment. One thing that was wrong was the reaction of Li, he can be angry but he needs to show respect to his boos no matter what and he should talk directly with Tang about it. In the other hand If Tang says that his employees feel comfortable to go and talk with them and that he is very open, he...
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