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The SWOT analysis is an excellent tool for organizing information, presenting solutions, identifying roadblocks and emphasizing opportunities. According to the given ATLAM case, we have prepared a SWOT analysis report for ATLAM as the assessment of business in-house strengths and weaknesses and its surroundings, opportunities and threats. Strengths

Management support
Financial support
Strong leadership of ATLAM
Project is very complex
High implementation cost
Staff resistance to change
Technological constraints
Project may improve local economy
Will improve safety for the organization
Will improve reporting system
Project will boost company's public image and reputation
Time delays
Hacker threats

1. Management Support
The management of ATLAM provide full support to implement SAP to achieve their vision as to be a leader in maritime education and training, while its mission was to facilitate value added learning via a conducive environment and provide excellent services to its clients. The use of SAP system seems would benefit the whole group of company with its integration features in SAP system.

2. Financial Support
The Group company are wiiling to provide funding for SAP implementation in ATLAM. Only small portion of the expenses in capital expenditure (RM 1,188,841) would be borne by ATLAM internal fund and the remaining would be financed by PETRA group. 3. Strong Leadership of ATLAM

ATLAM have strong composition of leaders. dedicated managers and executives such as Zulkifli, Lim, Kamal, Sani & Gopal. All of them have their own expertise, skills and invaluable experience which their contribution to ATLAM could build and enhance the organization reputation. WEAKNESSES

1. Project is very complex
The complexities of large projects require that special attention be given in planning the project, developing and delivering the solution, selecting team members, and sustaining a high-performing team over the long haul. Complex project may requires time, energy and resources to be allocated from the organization. 2. High implementation cost

ATLAM management believed that implementing SAP is involved unique risk and challenges. Main challenges are the high implementation cost especially for the initial investment that would need financial resources to flow out of the organization. 3. Staff Resistance

Rapid changes in organization, working culture and environment would cause the existing staff resist for the change since they are now in their comfort zone.

4. Technological constraints
The department doesn’t have enough PCs to implement the system of SAP and some of the staff has never used a PC before OPPORTUNITIES
1. Project may improve local economy
With the implementation of SAP, ATLAM could have growth in its industry. When ATLAM become a leading maritime industry, lot of people would come attending courses in ATLAM and indirectly the crowded incoming course participant at ATLAM would improve the local area economy and business trading. 2.Will improve safety for the organization and crucial data Most successful organizations know to do certain things to ensure an engaged and productive workforce, but many are inconsistent and are not purposeful in their efforts to create this type of atmosphere. ATLAM introduces SAP systems can help company achieve improved safety for its organization and crucial data. 3.Will improve reporting system

SAP will provide ATLAM privatization, the focus is moving no longer towards reporting on expenses but more of reporting on profit and loss. This will improve reporting system at ATLAM and be able to better integrate ATLAM operational data, and access that data quicker, and that’s good for decision making.

4.Project will boost company's public image and reputation
Using an established well-known accounting system would enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in the organization reporting....
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