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APA 6th Edition
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

APA Title Page
APA title page format requirements:

A header appears on every page. The words “Running head” only appear on the first page.
To insert the header into your paper, select insert then page number, top of page and select the third option: plain number 3. Be sure the page number is in a 12-point font to match the text in the body of your paper. Type “Running head:” then your title in all capital letters. Use the space bar to move the running head information to the left margin. Select “different first page” then insert page numbers on page 2 and type the title in all capital letters. Left align the title like on page 1.

The title of your paper, your name, the course title, instructor, and due date belong centered in the middle of page 1.

Runninghead: TITLE


The Running head includes the words “Running head”
with a colon (:). The title of the document, in all capital
letters, belongs after the colon. If the title is long, only use 50 characters of your title, including spaces and

Title of Paper
Your Name
Course Name Number/Section
Basic Formatting for APA Papers:

1-inch margins
Double spaced
Times New Roman or Arial Font


BUS 110/101
Paul Howe or Mr. Howe

August 30, 2011

APA 6th Edition
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

The abstract is created on a blank page and follows the title page. The page header will still contain the title of the paper in all capital letters, but “Running head:” is no longer needed. Start the page with the word “Abstract” in the center of the first line. There is no other formatting required, i.e. bold, italics, or underlining. The body of the abstract will be one double-spaced paragraph, and it does not need a paragraph indention at the beginning of the paragraph. The abstract should be a clearly written, 150-250 word summary of the main points in the research paper. Try to focus on the topic, research, questions encountered, method, results, conclusion, and, if needed, future research in the paper.

*Not all papers require an abstract. Ask your instructor if this section is needed.



Erik Erikson was a psychologist specializing in neo Freudian studies. Many of his thoughts came from the Freud way of thinking. A neo Freudian is someone who is influenced by and still practices elements of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. Erik Erikson’s development theory expanded on Freud’s five stages of development, and he later developed an eight stage model of development known as The Life Cycle Completed. The ego and sexual development are a large focus for Erik Erikson’s stages. In each of his stages there are two main terms for the individual to learn and they are always opposites of each other, i.e. trust v. mistrust, and autonomy v. shame. Current psychologists and researchers still use Erikson’s stages of development for individual assessments and research is still conducted to prove the validity of Erikson’s design. Erikson’s work is important to various areas of psychology especially those dealing with development and personality.


APA 6th Edition
Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute

Body of Paper
The main body of the APA research paper should begin on a new page following the abstract. The words “Running head” no longer appear on each page, but the page number remains in the upper right corner of the paper. Center the title of your paper on the first line of this page. Titles

 When referring to the title of a work within your paper, capitalize the first word and all words four letters or more long.

Capitalize words under four letters if they are nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs.

Capitalize both words if separated by a hyphen.

Do Not Capitalize:

articles (e.g. a, an, the)


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