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Being a new young coffee brand in Vietnam when it first launched in 1996, Trung Nguyên has promptly built a high reputation and has become a famous trade mark in domestic and foreign market. From a very small coffee shop at the beginning, Trung Nguyên has successfully expand their business into a strong group with 6 subsidiary firms in different sectors including production, processing, tea and coffee trade, franchising, distribution service, and modern retail (Wikipedia n.d). With the slogan ‘Impressive creation’, Trung Nguyen hopes that their customers can have the best time enjoying their coffee and be more creative, energetic in order to succeed in their life and dedicate to their nation.Trung Nguyen has also made a plan to penetrate the global market with the commitment to maintain the original flavor in any Trung Nguyen coffee shop. This is a challenge and an opportunity as well for Trung Nguyen. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION

There was a great demand for the instant coffee in the early 21 century. According to Tang Long (2010), in the 2003-2008 period, the instant coffee market had an average annual increase of 7,9% and was estimated to grow to 10,5% in the next period of 6 years. Noticing this trend, Trung Nguyen launched G7, an instant coffee, in November 2003. 3-in-1 G7 coffee has always been the most popular kind of instant coffee due to a successful formula balancing creamer with sweetener. According to the study of Nielsen, G7 took lead in the 3-in-1 instant coffee market in 2011 with 38% market share dominating. (Xuan Ngoc, 2012) Wikipedia n.d, ‘Trung Nguyen’ viewed July 11th 2013, < HYPERLINK ""> Tang Long 2010, 'Thịtrườngcàphêhòa tan: Nóngtừngcen-ti-met', nhipcaudautu, May 31, viewed July 11 2013, Ngoc 2012, ‘Trung Nguyên 'cải chính' vị thế số một cafe G7’,...
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