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Toh Jian Wei Kelvin
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Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Operations
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Mr Terence Goh
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Assignment 2
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10th January 2014
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8th January 2014


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Letter of transmittal
Ju Shin Jung Samgaetang
Tel: 6440 7707

Kelvin Toh Jian Wei
Property Agent
Mr. Park
Ju Shin Jung Samgaetang

Dear Mr Park,
This report evaluates the risks involves in the restaurant. This report informs the restaurant on the types of risks being identified. With your approval, I conduct an assessment on this venue. This assessment contains information beneficial to the organisation. The methods used involve research to collect information which includes interview and visual observation for our report. This report focuses on the venue to give the management ideas on the risk beings involve in the 4 different aspects. Any rooms of improvement will be written in the report and given to the management. If there is any questions on any matters please contact me at 93203707.

Your sincerely
Attached report: Risk assessment report for Ju Shin Jung Samgaetang Kelvin Toh Jian Wei 8/1/2013

Risk Assessment Report
Facility and Risk Management for Hospitality Operations: Assignment 2 Toh Jian Wei Kelvin (22023717)

Executive Summary
The aim of this report is to present to the management the importance of risk management. In this report, it identifies the difference between hazard and risk. Risk can be classified into primary and secondary. The risks are classified further into physical, non-physical, financial and human asset. Physical risks include equipment breakdown, fire and explosion in the venue. Non-physical risk includes the trademark being stolen, copyright not sufficient to protect its company website and knowledge of staff. Financial risk includes fraud and embezzlement like credit card fraud, stealing of tips and fake documentation. Human assets risks involve the retaining of customers and employees. The types of risk can be identified and written on the risk assessment form. This form is then rated by the manager according to its severity and plotted in the risk matrix. Risk management has many benefits and it is very important to use it in the organisation. Without using risk management, the restaurant might incur a lot of financial loss. The restaurant owes a duty of care to the customer. This includes safety of the customers in the case of fire and safety for the consumption of food. With the types of risks being identified, recommendations are given to solve or prevent the risk from happening.

Relationship between hazards and risks7
Primary and Secondary Risk7
Risk Matrix8
Risk Rating System8
Risk Management Process9
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