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IT department
Human Resource Department
Engineering Department
Sales and marketing Department
Finance Department
Production department

In order to fulfill its mission, Equator bottlers is committed to providing a secure, yet open network that provides the integrity and confidentiality of information while maintaining its accessibility. The company considers information technology (IT) as an agent of transformation of every facet of corporate life,which will bring about knowledge based workforce. IT personnel are to address user behavior and ensure that its users utilize the said Computer System responsibly towards the investment, hardware acquisition, service and maintenance after warrant period including repair, software procurementand guard against illegal usage together with maintenance contracts. In the organization, there is a created framework in which the accountability for the following will be defined; Use of the authority’s computers and

Securing of the authority’s data and information.
To standardize computer security
To promote confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate information To harmonize and coordinate network expansion initiatives Maximize use of IT resources to ensure return of investment Support research and development in IT by offering IT training to its staffon how to fix simple computer breakdowns or minor issues based on IT. To promote and enhance internet communication between the staffs through e-mails

During my attachment sessions I was attached in Information Technology (IT) departmenT The IT department’s main activities are; User support, this covers assistance to staffs and could manage to work on different problems that made me to bring all that I was taught in class into real life existence. There was variety of IT problems that were arising in different departments of the organization. Therefore, in a weekly record, under the supervision of IT technician, and manager I could do the following; Week one:

Being that it was my first week in the organization, I was introduced in various departments and offices. Formatting computers in the finance offices, procurement, sales and marketing, administration and production offices. Installed some office basic soft wares like Microsoft word, excel, access, adobe page reader and Adobe flash player.

Installed antivirus

Week two.
In this week, I had already become more conversant with organizational structure and individuals. This week I carried out the following; Retrieved data in various offices from where they were backed up during formatting. Performed LAN connection in some offices.

Creation of databases.
Troubleshooting of LAN problem.

Week three.
This week I did the following;
Network cabling in procurement offices
Setting up IP addresses for LAN in engineering offices.
Dusting of computers in the finance and legal offices.
Repaired disk drive in final account office under finance department. Troubleshoots CPU problem when it could not transmit data to the monitor. Installed printer drivers in the engineering office.

Troubleshoots connectivity of computers to printers in the procurement offices. Week four.
I attended training on how to use Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). This is computer software that incorporates organizational departments at a point. It is mostly adopted by the large organizations around. Typed documents in the organization.

Reinstalled and installed of Firefox and its settings in planning office. Set up computers for e-conferencing.
Troubleshoots printers.
Dusting of computers in the managing director’s secretary office and human resource offices. Week five
Performed networking in the human resource office.
Activated antivirus in...
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