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Live-in-Field Experience (LFE - 201) SPRING - 2010

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1. Introduction of Market:
To understand the market analysis first of all we need to classify the distinguished between the rural and urban market. As we all have or we can say maximum students of Independent University, Bangladesh have a very minimum idea about a market of city where as about the market in a rural place we were blind. The LFE program gives us the opportunity to get a very close touch with a rural market and after that we all could gather a minimum idea about that. On the other hand whether it is village or it is city, market is an incomparable element of our society which needs to satisfy our psychological demand of life. Our country is depending on village. If our village is developed then we can say we are developed. Market reflects the economy of any country. To understand the economic condition of any state, it is essential to analysis the market.

2. Abstract:
Most of the people of Manikganj live on rural market. As a part of our LFE we had to visit a rural market and analyze different attributes from the marketer’s point of view. The rural markets main mood of production has been the agricultural production which has a great impact on our economy. In our study, we have tried to find out the rural or village market structure, product distribution channel, product pricing, target segment consumers, and the other factors that make the rural market precious to the national economy. In this report we will present the things Haat we have observed in our assigned market Katigram Haat.

3. Objectives of the report:
The main objectives of our report are listed below The village market structure The different product line Product pricing Inward and outward products Value chain analysis Problems or opportunities treated as a technical analysis of Katigram Haat.



4. Methodology:
We study the chain of operations of economic activities of Katigram Haat to have an overview of the economic activity of the villagers especially producers, sellers, buyers. The Haat meets twice a week. Semi structured questionnaire was used for interview to have the overview. One to one interview are used to understand the market. By doing this we had had an overview of the socio economic condition of the members engaged in the process and farmers in the adjacent areas of the Haat.

5. Bazaar and Haat:
Bazaar and Haat both of them are very commonly used for the rural trading, bazaar we may get very much available in the urban places but the Haat are rarely seen in an urban places. Basically Haat exist in the rural areas. Usually bazaar and Haat are not situated in the same place. And there are some particular things differentiate them. First the definitions of Bazaar and Haat are described below

5.1 Bazaar:
In the villagers’ view, the market, which they term as “bazaar”, is the place where they can buy durable long-term products, get health services, gossip, and be able to know about the current country affairs. Basically bazaar is a permanent term that situated everyday to meet the daily needs of the rural people in a small place. The available no of products in a bazaar are very few, the prices of the products are comparatively high.

5.2 Haat:
HAAT is a particular place where buyers and sellers come in some particular days to exchange products, services, goods, and ideas. Haat generally sits one or twice a week. It’s not small like bazaar .HAAT plays a significant role for the villager as because it’s a big trading place for not only a single village but sometimes for more than two or three villages. There are some products which do not available every day but in a haat that products can be seen. Specialty about HAAT is that, mainly temporary shopkeepers bring their most precious...

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