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Background of the study

Overview of Stock Bangladesh LTD
Stock Bangladesh LTD (SBL) has initiated technical & financial analysis in Bangladesh for the very first time and created a commonplace for sharing views and knowledge. Stock Bangladesh has established with a vision to providing analytical support to Government entities as well as private sectors in a wide-range of functional areas. Stock Bangladesh was the first website which has an agreement with the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. for real time data sharing. They have established a private virtual network with the DSE Market Data Server (DSE-MSD) through optical fiber connectivity. Therefore, Stock Bangladesh has the unique advantage to provide complete data to investors. Taking the opportunity that they provide anyone can operate his account or searching for any information about DSE through their site as S / he lives any other sides of the world. All the data in our website is updated within 40 seconds. Our mission is simple - to make anyone a better investor so that everybody can invest conveniently at Bangladesh stock exchange. The Stock Bangladesh tools let one create the web's best looking financial charts for technical analysis. Their Scan Engine shows him the Bangladesh share market's best investing opportunities.

Their goal is to help traders and investors of Bangladesh share market to achieve above-average returns from the markets by providing them with profitable trading signals and at the same time protect their trading capital from large drawdown with their sound money management principles by Fundamental Analysis Training & Technical Analysis Training.

Management Profile
Stock Bangladesh Limited has a top rated workforce of 87 people. The organogram of Stock Bangladesh is as follows:

Source: SBL Desk
Research Team
The research and development wing is the heart of our organization. They are first organization to initiate the research based financial market analysis. The research executives regularly monitor all the financial information and update the database. The top level researchers are from both Finance & MIS background.

Source: SBL Desk

Online Market Order (OMO):
Stock Bangladesh offers an array of sophisticated trading tools and services to improve the financial area of Bangladesh. Recently, they are providing Online Market Order (OMO) system to some of broker houses of DSE for online share trading. Md. Fakhrul Islam Securities Ltd, Mona Financial consultancy & Securities Ltd, Sharp Securities Ltd and HAC Securities Ltd are taking the facility of OMO and they can place their buy/sell orders of shares. Account holders of that broker house can enjoy the online order facility through Stock Bangladesh site ( in real time basis. Now, it’s an opportunity for the BO account holders to submit buy and sell order of their shares through them with the latest market price. The investors and traders have the facilities to place their orders, the order execution, and also calculate the up-downs of share prices through data analysis. Stock Bangladesh’s analytics enable traders to better time entry into market. With these sophisticated IT infrastructure and skilled professionals, Stock Bangladesh is the top most institutes in regard of share market information. Market News:

Stock Bangladesh presents well-organized news for the traders, investors and viewers every day. The news serves investors in an effective way for the betterment of financial segments of Bangladesh. Stock Bangladesh serves news of Top Rated News, IPO Declaration, EPS increased and decreased, NAV increased and decreased, Dividend / Write Issue/Bonus Issue declarations, Fundamental Analysis programs, Fundamental & Technical Analysis courses etc. They update all the upcoming news...
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