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1. The Institute

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka, is the pioneer in rendering business education in Bangladesh. It is also the leading business school in the country. Commitment to the highest educational standards distinguishes IBA among the educational institutes in Bangladesh. This reputation has been achieved through a tradition of excellence and dedication to quality education and research. IBA graduates are highly sought after by the industry and IBA is proud of its students who have made outstanding contributions to various fields, both at home and abroad.

IBA was founded in 1966 in collaboration with Indiana University, Bloomington, USA, under a Ford Foundation Financial Assistance Program with the objective of providing professional training to create future business leaders. The founder-director of IBA is Professor M. Shafiullah.

IBA began its journey by launching its flagship MBA program. In the 1970s, the MPhil and PhD programs were introduced. In response to the growing demand for business education at the undergraduate level, the BBA program was started in 1993. In 2007, the Executive MBA program was launched to cater to the growing demand for quality education among mid-career executives.

In a proud history spanning more than four decades, the teachers and students of IBA have partnered together to achieve an enviable level of excellence in Bangladesh. A variety of factors have contributed to its success, some of which are:

• A rigorous admission selection process which ensures superior quality of students;

• A unique curriculum designed in line with North American business schools tailored to meet the requirements of the local market;

• Effective teaching methods where a blend of experimental and experiential learning is pursued;

• A highly trained and experienced faculty who bring into the classroom their vast knowledge and experience;

• A learning approach where student participation is encouraged; and

• A supportive culture and facilities for research and learning. 1.2Administration

IBA is a constituent of the University of Dhaka and functions within the broad framework of policies, rules, and regulations of the University.

The Institute is headed by a Director, who is also a faculty member of the Institute. The Director is responsible for overall management and supervision of the activities of the Institute. The present Director of IBA is:

Professor G M Chowdhury
MBA (Aston), Dip-in-Mktg (CIM, UK)
DMS (Kingston)

1.2.1Board of Governors

A Board of Governors, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, provides the policy and administrative guidance for IBA. The Board consists of eleven members:

1) Vice-Chancellor of the University
2) Treasurer of the University
3) Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies
4) One nominee of the Syndicate from among its members
5) One nominee of the Academic Council from among its members 6) One nominee of the Faculty of Social Sciences
7) Three members from the business community nominated by the Chancellor 8) One elected representative of IBA faculty members, and 9) Director, IBA as Member Secretary

The present Vice Chancellor of the University of the Dhaka is the Chairperson of the board:

Professor A A M S Arefin Siddique
Ph.D. (Mysore)
M. A. (DU)
Vice-Chancellor, University of Dhaka

1.2.2Academic Board

The Academic Board of the Institute reviews the academic programs. All Professors and Associate Professors of IBA are members of this Board and the Director of IBA is the Chairperson of the board. The other members are the Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies and the Chairmen of the Departments thereunder. There is also a provision of including nominated members from the academic and business communities.

1.2.3Co-ordination and...
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