Reply To Letter Of Enquiry

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Reply to letter
of enquiry

Group: Asmida, Rongj
Sarah, Jeani, Tang Ha

What should we be careful of?
1.Do not make any promises you cannot
guarantee to keep. If the enquiry has been
about discounts, delivery dates, or other
factors which may be flexible, make it
clear what you generally do.
2.Do not cut off contact with someone you
give a negative reply to. You might need
them in the future. Remember to thank the
reader for the enquiry.

3. Do include all the information the reader
has asked for.
4. Do apologize for not being able to help, if
this is the case.
5. Do invite the reader to call or write to you
again with further enquiries. Include the
information (phone number, email address)
that he or she might need to do this.

 Acknowledging receipt of an enquiry
- Thank you for your letter of … regarding /in connection
with …
- I have received your letter of … requesting information
about … 
 Explaining action taken
- We held a meeting on 21 January to discuss possible
- I have checked/looked into(the possible approaches) …
 Making suggestions / pointing out pros and cons 
- The best choice would be … since …
- I highly recommend … as / due to the fact that …
- … would probably be more suitable because …
- Perhaps you should choose … even though …
- I suggest that you (should) choose …
- I recommend this item since …
- In view of the fact that …, I would strongly recommend … as …

 Apologizing and rejecting proposals
- While I appreciate … need for … , I regret that …
- It will not be possible to … for legal reasons. We should … - Your proposal is of interest to us, and we have had
consultations about it. 
 Stipulating action requested or to be taken
- We shall arrange for … by …at the latest. 
- I shall see to it that …
- Our company will arrange for …
 Establishing goodwill and suggesting contact
- I hope this suggestion/information will be useful to you.
- I hope that this information will help you to make decisions on your order.
- I look forward to receiving your confirmation of …
- I look forward to doing business with …
- Do contact me on … if you need further information.

• Give the reader information
• Persuading the reader
Extra information
Attractive-sounding descriptions

• Make good impression on the reader
• Give more information or further help if

Responding to the question
• Begin by referring to the enquiry you are
• What the letter about
• Set positive tone
• Thank you very much for your enquiry of…

Give the extra information
• Offer more than the original enquiry asked
• Persuade to make additional purchases

You may also be interested to know that we can
offer …
You might like to know that we also sell …

Inviting more contact
• If you need any further
information at all, please
do not hesitate to call

Letter NO
Dear Sirs,
We thank you for writing to us regarding your requirements on _________________ (date). We are one of the popular
producers of certain goods, details of which are given in the enclosed broucher. We are sorry, however, to have to tell you that we produce only these goods. We have handed over your
enquiry to "___________(some other company)" and we are
sure that you will soon hear from them.
As a dealer of vision goods, you will be interested in our
products and so we take the opportunity of sending a copy of our current catalogue.
We enclose an order form for your conveniences.
Yours faithfully,

Negative reply
- unable to help or do not have information, services or products that were asked.
- offer any solution
• Writing well, just like speaking well is a valuable communication skill especially when it comes to business matters.
• Business letters tend to be more formal...
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