Rental System of Gown's & Barong

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A rental is a great option for girls and boys, who want a beautiful gown/barong without the expensive price. Instead of paying a thousands of dollars, for a gown/barong that you will just wear once, why not consider renting a gown/barong?

Choosing a gown/barong rental instead of buying a one-time-wear gown/barong is a decision that can help girl/boys trim their budget without trimming their special day. Girls and boys will look beautiful in any gown/barong, no matter what they cost or where they are from.

Background of the Study

Mr. Marcelino Tolentino was a Missionary in the mountain together with his wife and family before. Then now, he built the Mailyn’s Gown Shop because of the boss of Mr. Marcelino Tolentino he doesn’t want to work his wife Mrs. Mailyn Tolentino, because their boss said if the guy is there, then the wife is also there too. When the eldest daughter of Mr. Marcelino Tolentino and Mrs. Elena Tolentino entered college, they decided to resign to their job because their salary is not enough for their eldest child. So they decide to build their own shop, the Mailyn’s Gown Shop year 2006, month of July

Statement of the Problem

General Problem

The problem in the Mailyn’s Shop is manually writing, slow process of gown renting and missing some costumer’s record.

Specific Questions

-Is your system can use without electricity?
-Is your system is easy to use?
-Can your system update new gowns and barongs?
-Do you have backup of your system, when the records got deleted or lost? -Before opening your system, is there a security?

Significance of the Study

The significance of this study is to make a system, that will help Mrs. Mailyn Tolentino in making records of the customer’s information and their gown and barong that they rented. And to make sure that the records will not lost. Because Mrs. Mailyn Tolentino is making records manually, that’s why it is slow process and sometimes the records...
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