Rent-a-Car Case Study

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"Enterprise Rent-A-Car"
Case Recap and key facts: Promotion is the primary motivator for employees at Enterprise. Promotion depends on individual and branch-level factors. Employees compete for bonuses. Promotions on a branch-basis depends on scores based on the ESQi (Enterprise Service Quality Index). Relates to goal commitment and task strategies. Problem Statement: Is it fair to base promotions and transfers for employees on the Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQi)? Components of the Problem: Customers may be hesitate to take the survey so there may be inadequate opinions from customers to properly rate the branch. Customers may be dishonest about the survey and give high scores to make the survey time go quicker. The branch may be located in an area where they do not have a lot of customers. Situation Summary: Employees should be promoted or transferred based on managers' recommendations because this will give more clear indication to whether or not the employee is able to perform the tasks required for job. Employees should also be promoted or transferred based on commitment to the company. If they have seniority and proper management training, they should be able to represent the company in a higher position. End-of-Case Questions:

6.1 As an Enterprise employee I would and would not be motivated by bonuses by signing up customers for supplemental liability protection. The reason why I would be motivated is obviously for the money aspect ($50 or $100 would not hurt the bank account!) On the other hand, I don't want the customer to think I don't care about them when trying to explain to them about the supplemental protection package. I want to sell it to the customer for the sake of their safety and protection and not to benefit my own personal status in the company. 6.2 I would and not be motivated by making promotions contingent on my branch's ESQi score. Customers' honest inputs are great ways to determine how well the branch is doing. The...
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