Renowned Chef and Comedian Drag Queen

Topics: Chef, Culinary art, Cooking Pages: 4 (1261 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Renowned Chef and Comedian Drag Queen

“Is my order for table 12 ready yet?” shouted Chef Bobby Flay across the kitchen filled with chefs and kitchen helpers. Chef Bobby is a reputable chef in a three Michelin-starred restaurant named La Mediterranee in San Francisco. His meticulous and demanding personality tends to be difficult for other kitchen staff to work in but being a perfectionist, he made excellent Mediterranean dishes that kept regulars and new customers coming back again and again.

When he was eleven years old and just started junior high school, he hated everything about school and assignments. He felt it was a waste of time and energy to spend it on meaningless work. The only thing that spark his interest is cooking and he did it most of the time at home without having his mother to make dinner or lunch for the family. He lived with his parents and two sisters, being the oldest and only son in the family, he felt he has the responsibility to take care of his family. Being a comedian in the family, he never fails to bring laughter in their lives and cooking for his family is another way of expressing his love for them and he made sure that every dish accommodates their taste. From cooking everyday for the family helps to develop a passion in cooking for him and he knew from then on that he wants to pursue a career in culinary arts.

After graduating from high school, he immediately enrolled into a chef school. In the beginning, he excelled in his skill work but struggled on his theory work. He worked extremely hard for his first two years in school and managed to obtain an internship in La Mediterranee. At that time, La Mediterranee was only a one Michelin-starred restaurant but he was ecstatic to be able to work there. Chef Bobby worked hard during his internship, skipping sleep and working more hours than the rest of the kitchen staff. His enthusiasms in wanting to learn and his willingness to accept criticism gained favor from the then head...
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