Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy
Kit Ying Tam
March 14th, 2013

In the past history of hospitality industries, many hotels do not have the idea of renewing energy. Because of that, A lot of wastes had been created and causing environmental problems. Nowadays, people are more concerned and emphasized on going green. For example, recycling, waste management and renewing energy as the most important. Energy cost had occupied almost 50% of the hotel's total cost. Developing this technology would greatly reduce the expenses and become environmental friendly.

In order to protect the hoteliers' own interest and image, many of the hotel enterprises are now advocating green building. They have outsourced and developed many methods of renewing energy. There are many methods of energy renewing. For instance, solar energy, wind energy, heating and hydroelectricity. Those methods could greatly reduce waste and costs. Therefore, it is essential to develop more methods of energy renewing for peoples' good and being environmental friendly. Options for Renewable Energy

Solar energy, wind energy or even a dam are the options for renewable energy. There is also a method called Hydroelectricity which is the falling water draws from the power into energy. It usually converts from power to energy from a dam because a dam can store tons of water. Therefore, it will have the huge power to push the energy generators. At daytime, it will produce energy while it will store the water in reservoir at nighttime. It works as the exhibit 1 below.

Exhibit 1

The development of solar energy has significantly decreased the amounts of waste and its damage to the environment. Solar energy had been the majority on the earth because the sun distributes the sunlight to earth each day. When the solar board catches the sunlight, it transforms the sunlight into energy and deliver electricity for households and industries. It covers most of the demand in the world...

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