Renaissance Man or Woman

Topics: Artist, Aesthetics, Art Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Renaissance man or woman

The only man that I think can even come close to comparing with Leonardo would be no one at the art form. I mean these men were most possibly some of the greatest men to invent art, and also to invent objects themselves. To say any man could probably ever come close to covering what they did is insane. Nowadays artist don’t seem to cover the broad spectrum as such greats as Leonardo the only cover one spectrum. Today most of the time the main artist are only artist they draw art they produce art and that’s it. I mean if you want to go with invention wise it seems that very few men are even remembered alone I don’t think any of them even our artist mean yes some of them making up a box but artists no. I mean one great inventor or theorist we all think of Stephen Hawking’s that even he doesn’t even compare to likes of Leonardo it seems today that most men only can do one or the other and be as great as these men. So in my opinion there never will for a long long time be men like Leonardo because science and it seems art had become more secure in the fact that they are separate. Because it seems that in the past and the Renaissance men of intelligence were not only artist but inventors based on the fact that in my opinion very few men and women were both intelligence and is well artist. Maybe some of the inventors today could learn something from being more artistic.
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