Rena Ship Programming

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Programming: What was done during the campaign? What creative strategies (or response strategies) did they use?

Svitzer Salvage successfully handled the situation by immediately reaching out to the media and informing them about the crisis at hand while keeping them posted on their progress. The organisation wanted to be perceived as transparent and honest. This was done by consistently engaging with the public, answering questions and providing footage when appropriate. Svitzer Salvage consistently remained honest during the crisis, informing the public that the task was very difficult while also being cautious not to state unrealistic expectations, to avoid disappointment and backlash from both media and public. Svitzer constantly offered briefings and media interviews to demonstrate progress and keep their publics up to date with their progress. The images that were released by Svitzer humanised the salvages while reinforcing their achievement which led to appreciation for the salvages hard work.

These powerful strategies that Svitzer Salvage used, allowed them to standout from the rest. They communicated efficiently and to each and every stakeholder who had an interest in the crisis while ensuring that their messages were being understood and streamlined. By doing so, Svitzer became the foremost source of information and had full control of public messaging which assisted in protecting the company’s reputation. This also led to an unintentional benefit for the company as their profile was boosted and they were widely praised for their management of the situation and honest approach.

Did they encounter any problems along the way?
They encountered a dew setbacks and challenges along the way. An example of the setbacks was bringing in equipment from around the world which was time consuming therefore the cleaning was a long drawn out process. Another setback that the Salvages experienced was the windy weather conditions which led them to

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