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1.Define land resource surveying methodology. Identify the two approaches in land resource surveying methodology. 2. Discuss the contributions of Aristotle, Louise Deguerre, Argo, Loussedat and Deville in enriching the science of topographic surveying. 3.The atmosphere influences EMR in two ways. Discuss them.

1.According to Professor Masaka (2011) Land resource survey methodology can be defined as the starting point for any natural resource management policy has to be an inventory of the land resources. In planned agricultural development, the first step involves collection of data/information relevant to the objectives of the exercise. Data are collected about the land and climate. The second step is to analyze the collected data into groups and classes which provide a systematic filing system for the data. When the land has been investigated and classified, the options can be weighed up and a decision made. The fourth step is carrying out the plan and finally assessing the result to see if the objective has in fact been achieved.

Two approaches used in land resource survey methodology is a) quantitative, traditional, experimental or empiricist approaches……used to answer questions about the relationships among measured variables with the purpose of explaining, predicting and controlling phenomena/ for instance exploration of geographic phenomena . Such approaches are normally contained in experiments (and therefore experimental) in which relationships between the causal factors and response factors are described quantitatively. It’s the most traditional (and therefore traditional) way of establishing quantitative relationships between measured variables. Usually, the experiments can be repeated elsewhere if the methodology is correctly described (repeatable and therefore empirical). Thus it is narrative in form so that one can get many out of tests or numbers.

b) Qualitative, interpretative or naturalistic approaches…..Used to answer questions...
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