Reminiscence Therapy

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Reminiscence Therapy

According to “The Use of Reminiscence Therapy for the Treatment of Depression in Rural-Dwelling Older Adults” in Issues in Mental Health Nursing, reminiscence therapy is using the recall of past events, feelings, and thoughts to facilitate adaptation to present circumstances. In the article, there was great emphasis on the need for nurses skilled in evaluating and developing interventions that targeted the mental health needs for older adults, especially those residing in long-term care facilities. According to their research, elders residing in rural areas have an increased incidence of decreased functional and sensory abilities, limited financial resources, weaker social support, inappropriate dietary intake, isolation, lack of basic problem solving skills, depression, and chronic diseases as opposed to elders residing in more urban areas. With these findings, they have found reminiscence therapy to be effective in preventing or reducing depression, increasing life satisfaction, improving self-care, improving self-esteem, and helping older adults deal with crises, losses, and life transitions. The increased use of reminiscence therapy through the years has proved to have many benefits other than its therapeutic ability but its benefit socially and recreationally for the older adults as well as its cost-effectiveness.

Over the weekend, I interviewed my 75-year-old grandmother. She is currently living in Las Vegas with my grandfather but they decided to drop by for a visit. They used to live in Elgin, Illinois but a few years ago they decided to move in with my aunt and her family in Las Vegas to relax and enjoy their lives without the cold weather. My grandmother loves to cook, shop, swim, watch her Filipino soap operas, Facebook, play on her iPad, help take care of her great-grandchildren, and occasionally try her luck at the casinos. My grandmother loves to tell stories about her life. Even if no one asks her about it, something she...

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