Remembering an Event

Topics: Emotion, Anxiety, Experience, Positive psychology, Sandwich / Pages: 4 (778 words) / Published: Mar 8th, 2012
English 101 February 16, 2012

A new life. In my life I have experienced many memorable events and occurrences. I have lived through the good and survived through the unpleasant endeavors. Everyone has lived through a few events that have made an impact on themselves. The event that made an imprint on me the most happened in 2003. It was the birth of my son when I was sixteen years old. It was the beginning of June, a steamy summer day in Florida. School was in recess so I was able to sleep late that day. When I woke up I mentally sorted out my schedule. “Nothing much,” I thought, “just a normal day; work then home.” I got out of bed, ate breakfast, took a shower, and got ready for work at the local sandwich shop. I did not expect to receive an unforgettable call at work from my then girlfriend’s sister, Jahaira. My girlfriend was in labor! I was going to be a father. As the thought rushed through my mind, I felt every emotion. I was excited, happy, anxious, scared, and in shock. I knew the day was inevitably approaching, getting closer with each sunrise, but I thought, “How could this be? I need more time.” However, my son had a different timeline; he was ready to see the world and he was ready now. I was working at the local sandwich shop when I was informed of this surprising event. I obviously knew my girlfriend was pregnant, but I did not expect her to go into labor that day. After receiving that phone call I immediately arranged for my then girlfriend’s brother-in- law, David, to bring me to the hospital where my girlfriend was waiting. I arrived at the hospital with my palms sweaty and my heart beating out of my chest. During the ride there I thought I was calm, but the sight of this huge medical institution filled me with nervousness. I did not know what to expect. Would I regret walking in this hospital? Would this experience unveil the wonders of life? Maybe so; either way I needed and wanted to be there. The entrance of the hospital was

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