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remembering an event

By Jesus-Buenrostro Jan 30, 2015 660 Words
 Jose Buenrostro
Dr. Lind
English 101
Remembering an Event

The most significant event that has happened throughout my life was when I first joined my high schools wrestling team. Joining the wrestling team changed me in many ways. Wrestling taught me not to give up on my goals and to keep on going if I want to achieve anything in my life. Even though I might be talking about a sport, we, the wrestlers, saw it different because of how our coach taught it to us and how he showed and explained it. Before wrestling I was always that little overweight kid who was constantly being made fun of when I was in elementary and middle school, which explains why I’m shy sometimes towards people because I’m afraid I might be judged. Also at home when I was young, I would always get yelled at for everything that I did even when I didn’t do anything just because I was the oldest of my brother and sister. All I know is that I didn’t like my childhood at all as I was growing up. When I became a teenager, I started high school and things changed. Things started to change when I started high school, I started making new friends, and I was also ditching a lot and making terrible decisions. Freshman year wasn’t that bad because I wasn’t failing, but at the same time I wasn’t getting good Buenrostro2 grades. Sophomore year I started lowering my grades because I started hanging out with kids older than me, so I would ditch a lot. They weren’t in gangs or anything bad, they were just older than me and had cars. I already had the thought in my head that I wasn’t going to go to college, or that I wasn’t going to do anything good in my life. Once I started junior year everything changed. I met this kid in my class named Juan, who was into military things and sports that had to do with fighting. In the winter, Juan had told me that he wanted to join wrestling, and that I should join with him, so I did. When the season started I didn’t think I was going to stick with it because I didn’t know anybody, and I would get tired quickly. Weeks passed and I started to learn more moves, and I also began losing weight and gaining muscle. I began eating healthier and started lifting more weights. The coach would always joke around with us after we had a good practice and serious if he saw that we didn’t try at all. The thing that made everybody look up to the coach and respect him was that he would give us motivational speeches before and after our matches, which made me win each time. Senior year came, and I got the varsity spot for heavyweight and that made me get really excited. The coach talked to me and told me that if I wanted the spot permanently and also to be in the team, I had to stop ditching my classes and start getting my grades up. I knew the coach was right so I told him that I would, and I did. That year was my best season because I went undefeated for 14 matches, and I won four tournaments first place, and my final record was 22-4. By the end of senior year, I had made a lot of friends, and also I was passing my classes, and if I wanted to Buenrostro3 graduate all I had to do was make up the classes that I failed my freshman and sophomore year by attending night school. This event changed me by making me try harder in life if I want to achieve my goals. At the end of it all wrestling was one of the biggest events that I want to keep remembering for the rest of my life.

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