Remember the Titans Analysis

Topics: Leadership, Coaching, Herman Boone Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: May 7, 2012
1. Identify a key scene during the video that demonstrates the “storming” stage – what characteristics are there to support your choice? The delineation of the various stages (forming, storming, norming, and performing) is somewhat blurred in Remember the Titans, making it more difficult to define each stage clearly. Because conflict occurs consistently throughout the entire movie, one could argue that the storming stage remains in the background and is not entirely eliminated during the movie. When analyzing this movie, it is important to remember that, ultimately, this is a Disney creation where real life events many have been altered to accommodate the artistic needs of the film, such as Coach Yost’s role. The start of forming is apparent in the beginning of the movie when the different race groups first walk in and meet. According to Tuckman’s model the members should be positive but they really are not. They are more anxious than anything else and you can sense the tension in the movie. During Tuckman’s forming stage, the players try to establish where they would fit on the new team. As we progress through the forming stage, we come upon a critical part of the movie. Coach Boone feels it is necessary to move from the forming stage into the storming stage. Coach Boone accomplishes this in the part of the movie where he makes the players come off the bus and sit in the same positions they had on the way to camp. As the team leaves for training camp, it is clear that they are in the storming phase. There are multiple instances of hostility and tension between the black and white players. Also, a good example of storming is found when Boone makes his players room with players of the same positions rather than by race. During this scene, there is a lot of conflict demonstrated but with no communication. Approximately the next ten minutes are all conflict and storming. Arguments over who gets which bed and what posters to hang on walls eventually gives...
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