Remember Me

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Response to Text for ‘Remember Me’
The writer’s purpose in the poem ‘Remember Me’ written by Ray Mather, is to tell about a boy has been bullied in the past. He felt sad when he got bullied and being excluded from being with other boys. Some of the ways that the poet tries to show this idea are with some of the rhyming that happens in a pattern, the question mark and capital letters in certain words.

The rhyming words are used in the poem for many times. The pattern is very interesting. The rhyming words happen at the end of every second line, for example ‘inside and cried’. Those two words show how sad the character is. Also the rhyming make it simple for people to read and it runs smoothly when it rhymes. People can remember the poem easier.

Something I found interesting in the poem was at the beginning of the poem. The writer used a question mark. I found this interesting because it is unusual to use a question mark in the poems. I think the writer uses a question mark for the words ‘Remember me’ to show the reader to understand how the boy hated another boy who has been bullied him a long time ago.

Another interesting thing in the poem was that the writer used capital letters. In the sentence ‘Suddenly I’M popular and YOU’RE left out the light.’ The writer used capital letters for ‘YOU’RE’ and ‘I’M’ to prove the boy is saying that in a strong voice and to show the reader that the boy is kind of showing off to the one who bullied him in the past. I think it is great to use this technique in the poem because it is unusual to write some words all in capital letters and that makes people being interested in it.

This poem is trying to show us that the feeling of being bullied and the boy’s oppression from the past. By using rhyming words, the question mark and the capital letters, I think the writer’s purpose was to get people’s attention and to teach us about how bad it is to bully people. People feel scared when they get bullied and it is never...
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