Remediation on Customer Care

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Assessment 1
Outcome 1 and 2
Creating a culture of Customer Care

1. Good customer care is vital for the success of the centre as the businesses success revolves around the customers, without the customers there would be no business. The benefits for the business of good customer care are –

* It gains a positive reputation (which means that people will spread through word of mouth that they received excellent customer service and will recommend the business to their friends and family) * Creates a client base ( Builds a relationship between the client and the business)

* Repeat Business (Customers will be so pleased with the high quality of the service provided to them that they will return in the future and recommend the business to family and friends.

The benefits to the staff are –
* Incentives/bonuses ( for their hard work, commitment to the company and providing excellent customer service to customers) * Job security/ promotions/less pay offs and redundancies ( As the client base expands, the manager of the business may promote people due to their hard work or provide them with job security. The benefits for the customer are –

* Satisfaction (The customer would be happy with the product or service provided by the business and feel like a valued customer, they would the return to the business and build a relationship with the business, therefore resulting in them feeling a certain loyalty to the business and purchasing from them often and recommending them to friends and family. * Aftercare ( If there are any problems with the product, the business can provide a solution such as an exchange, refund, advice and returns etc.

2. Internal customers are departments or co-workers within an organisation that may help or give information to other departments to help provide a product or service to an external customer. (E.g. human resources, funding, credit control, stakeholders, employees, shareholders)

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