Remebering Essay of First Bike Ride

Topics: Bicycle, The Other Guys, Debut albums Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Looking back on those days when I use to sit inside my house while everyone else was outside playing on their bikes, skateboards, rollerblading, I was so jealous that It wasn’t me on the skateboard or the bike; although there came one day that it was me on the bike. I was helping out my pastor at the church on a Saturday and he decided to let me and the rest of the guys come over to his house when we were through. When we got there the pastor’s son Josh was asking us if we all wanted to go outside? So everyone agreed including me, but what he forgot to mention is that we would be riding bikes. So I wouldn’t look stupid I spoke up and said: “Um... Josh I don’t know how to ride a bike. ” As I stood there with a mortified look on my face waiting for him to laugh at me but instead Josh said: “For real? Well I guess we can teach it really quick?” I was shocked because He was the better person who didn’t laugh at me although my other friends were looking at me apprehensively. Josh then stepped back into the garage and pulled out a bike and I had begun to feel nervous and scared. It was the feeling I got when I first rode a rollercoaster my stomach began to get butterflies inside and I wasn’t relaxed at all. Josh began to speak and said: “Before three o’ clock today, I will teach how to ride a bike without anyone’s help”. With him telling me that it boosted my confidence level up by a little amount. Now after him telling me this he began the bike riding lesson. “ Louis the first thing to learn about riding a bike is balance, so put both feet on the pedal while I push” I felt like a little kid but I was most afraid of the other guys laughing at me while he was teaching. Then when I looked around I noticed that the only people around was Josh, his older sister, and myself. “Whenever riding a bike this is the speed it usually is, but on a hill that’s when bike riding is fun!” Josh said. As I was riding the bike it was like I was taking my first baby steps to being able to...
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