Rembering a Event

Topics: English-language films, Hotel, Atlantic Ocean Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: October 12, 2008
“Remembering an event in my life”
When I was a child I remembered our family’s annual vacations to Aruba each year at Christmas vacation from school. On the last day of school before vacation I would ask the classmates what their plans were for the much anticipated week off from school. Some would say going to a family member’s house. I would think how boring their family must have been. When I was asked to share my plans I would say, “Oh just a trip to some warm place” with boredom. I would share stories of banana boat rides, tubing adventures, and tails of snorkeling in the Atlantic Ocean. I remember one classmate once asking me if my family was wealthy because this was certainly not the norm for most of my other classmates. Being nine years old I had no idea of that.

When we arrived at the hotel I was amazed by all the actives it offered. There was a warm sandy beach, man of war in the sea, and fish of all colors swimming. There was a lady braiding hair on the beach and I simply had to have her do my hair. My parents informed me that we would be having dinner at the bar in the hotels restart. The same bartenders Nation and Manny were still there just as they had been every year. I was told to charge anything I wanted to the room. I soon discover that there was a bar you could sit at from inside the pool. I noticed crowds gathering around at certain times during the day. I quickly noticed there was Bingo games going on and there were prizes be given away. I frequently joined in on the games.

I was playing bingo one afternoon by the pool. A few games had passed and I won nothing. I was paying close attention to make sure I did not miss any numbers. Soon I noticed my red makers on my card multiplying with each number called. I was surly going to win something this time. I heard the last number I need to win called. I checked my card and it was certain I jumped from my seat and yelled “Bingo!” I ran over and brought my card up for the man to inspect...
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