Reluctant Fund

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The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Published in 2007 in these languages. Became an international bestseller with over a million copies in print. Was adapted for the cinema.


Won the Ambassador Book Award, Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, Asian American Literary Award, Premio Speciale Dal Testo Allo Schermo, and South Bank Show Award for Literature.

Was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award, James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Commonwealth Writers Prize, Arts Council England Decibel Award, Australia-Asia Literary Award, and Index on Censorship T R Fyvel Award.

Was named a Book of the Decade by the Guardian and a Notable Book of the Year by the New York Times.


'An artist of fantastic cunning... demonstrates what certain trumped-up laureates of post-modernity seem incapable of grasping: that it is possible to simultaneously address the byzantine monstrosity of contemporary existence and care about the destiny of one's characters... [a] resounding success... not unworthy of Nabokov.' -- The Village Voice (full review)

'Taut and accomplished... Changez's story, which seems to gush from him like blood from a wound, traces the self's shifting sense of itself against the rumblings of a rudely shaken world... Dostoyevskian.' -- San Francisco Chronicle (full review)

'Changez's voice is extraordinary. Cultivated, restrained, yet also barbed and passionate, it evokes the power of butler Stevens in Kazuo Ishiguro's Remains of the Day... brilliantly written and well worth a read.' -- The Seattle Times (full review)

'Some books are acts of courage... Extreme times call for extreme reactions, extreme writing. Hamid has done something extraordinary with this novel.' -- The Washington Post (full review)

'Fascinating, haunting... what makes this novel such an absorbing read is the unsettling dialogue it creates within the reader. Its minimalism, which leaves so much room for argument, also renders our complicity, forcing us to actively talk back, unable to retreat to our national borders with their complacent certainties.' -- The Brooklyn Rail (full review)

'Far from seeming bothered by the literariness of literature, Mohsin Hamid appears to savor it. Ambiguity starts out as the delicate organizing principle of his novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist. By the end of the book it has turned into the disturbing payoff... Maybe we the readers are the ones who jump to conclusions; maybe the book is intended as a Rorschach to reflect back our unconscious assumptions. In our not knowing lies the novel's suspense.' -- The New York Review of Books (full review)

'Elegant and chilling... A less sophisticated author might have told a one-note story in which an immigrant's experiences of discrimination and ignorance cause his alienation. But Hamid's novel... is distinguished by its portrayal of Changez's class aspirations and inner struggle.' -- The New York Times

'Builds with masterfully controlled irony and suspense... A superb cautionary tale, and a grim reminder of the continuing cost of ethnic profiling, miscommunication and confrontation.' -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review (full review)

'This author’s second novel succeeds so well... [Its] firm, steady, even beautiful voice proclaims the completeness of the soul when personal and global issues are conjoined.' -- Booklist, starred review (full review)

'An easy grace, an unputdownable narrative... an excellent achievement... The various ramifications of this fictional interaction are healthy for Pakistani literature as well as Pakistani identity... Hamid has done something which many Pakistani writers, especially those who write in Urdu, should learn: the art of understatement.' -- The News (Pakistan) (full review)

'Hamid is unobtrusively, but constantly, addressing the reader, hinting at how to read his novel; how not to be manipulated...
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