Religious Worldviews

Topics: Buddhism, Reincarnation, Jesus Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: January 28, 2012
Part One: Hindu Worldview (Pantheistic)
1. The Question of Origin – In a Hindu Worldview the question of origin would be pantheistic in nature. A Hindu would believe that they have always been in existence and everything is a part of god. God is seen as an impersonal force of nature and this force is in everything and surrounds everything. One can only escape this force through the process of reincarnation and to become one with everything.

2. The Question of Identity - In a Hindu Worldview life is seen as a sacred part of nature. Man’s soul is seen as eternal until he eventually reaches a state of Nirvana. At that time they will become one with Brahman. The goal is to do enough good deeds so that when you die you will return in a higher life form until you reach Nirvana.

3. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – In a Hindu Worldview life is to be viewed as an illusion as though one was living in a dream and life around them does not really exist. The goal is to understand this so that you may end the cycle of reincarnation and ascend to a state of Nirvana.

4. The Question of Morality – In a Hindu Worldview god is in everything and everything is in god. This belief will govern how man treats everything and everyone around them. It is ultimately one’s own decision to determine what is right and what is wrong.

5. The Question of Destiny – In a Hindu Worldview one would believe that one’s karma determines how you will return in the next life. If a person has good Karma they will reach a higher level upon rebirth. If one has bad Karma they will return to a lower level, or as an animal upon rebirth. The goal is to reach Nirvana.

Part Two: Christian Worldview (Theistic)
1. The Question of Origin – A Christian believes that God exists and that God always has been and always will be. With this presupposition a Christian believes that he was created by God and that everything that exists was created by God. Whereas a Hindu...
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